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Lt. Commander C'our Dentran

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Chief Intelligence Officer
Technical Specialty Military Intelligence
Secondary Specialty Counter-Intelligence
Side Arm Bothan Engineering Corporation RS-4 Palmgun
Favorite Beverage Uvena Sour
Physical Description Male Myr Rho, brown fur (w/black stripes), yellow eyes; 34 standard years old; height 1.73 m; weight 95 kg.


C'our Dentran was born on the planet Cathar, homeworld of the humaniod-feline race known as the Cathar. Orphaned at an early age by an attack on a Mandalorian garrison (his parents were participating in the attack), Dentran was adopted by a pair of Bothans before the Mandalorians could sell him into slavery as they would countless others of his race. He grew up as a Bothan child would, participating in their heritage, ceremonies, and usual activities.

His physicality and his tutleage made him the perfect spy. Other Bothans he came into contact with regarded him as less than capable, and he often used this prejudice to his advantage. Soon his adoptive parents joined the majority of their race in enlisting with the Rebel Alliance, and Dentran immediately volunteered as well.

He became an Intelligence field agent, and was the second-quickest individual to become a "23-er" in Alliance history. Since he was being forceable retired from the field, he requested a transfer to a key intelligence position. Unfortunately, he was vying for the position against an individual with higher contacts, and instead was reassigned as the CIO aboard the "black sheep" starship Liberty. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, he was pulled away on an intelligence mission in another sector, and that is likely the only reason he survived as he would surely have perished when the second Death Star's super laser struck his new home.

When the time came for him to return to a duty station that no longer existed, he was rounded up with many of the fortunate survivors of the Liberty and folded into the new Vigilant Task Force. Initially resentful of his new assignment, Dentran now wouldn't be transferred to be Chief of Alliance Intelligence. He fully enjoys living on the warship and interacting with the soldiers on board - besides, he's already got most of the common rooms bugged and, at any given time, knows 99.5% of the scuttlebutt onboard. Dentran is not the typical "paranoid intell agent," however, and is respectful of and respected by the rest of the crew.

While he would prefer to be a field agent, he knows the data he collects and interprets is crucial to the Vigilant's operations, and he enjoys attempting to out-guess the Empire. He has displayed a remarkable penchant for correctly assimilating data, and his input into planning operations is often the difference between victory and defeat.