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CRV Exodus


Beginning life as a long-haul transport for a diplomat of the Imperial Senate, it was quickly captured in drydock when that Senator was imprisoned for seditious activities.

The Imperial Navy spent the effort and resources to bring it up to status as a ship on the line that could interdict pirates and other rebellious activity. While not up to snuff of current heavy-armed Corellian Corvettes, it is now more than capable of screening fighters away from whatever ship or convoy it escorts.

Commander Breya was given command of the ship shortly before the Battle of Endor, and she quickly avoided the battle and surrendered the moment they were approached by Rebel forces in the mop up phase of the battle. Now, it is attached to the Vigilant Task Force as an escort. Commander Breya's expertise in astrogation often makes her ship the first to jump into a system to scope things out so she can begin calculating emergency escape routes in the event of an ambush.