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Captain Gideon Daly

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Nebulon-B Frigate, Regis.

Position CO FRG Regis
Technical Specialty Capital Ship Mechanical Systems
Secondary Specialty Capital Ship Tactics
Side Arm Alliance Navy Service Blaster
Favorite Beverage Gin and Tonic
Physical Description Human male, black hair and mustache, blue eyes; 39 standard years old; height 1.8 m, weight 115 kg


Gideon Daly has had a long and distinguished career with the Alliance. Born to a wealthy industrial family in the Colonies and steeped in the traditions of the Old Republic, he graduated from the Academy with honors. As the fingers of the New Order tightened around the galaxy, he came to distrust and eventually despise what the Imperial Navy had become. Finally he and some like-minded friends jumped ship while on leave and joined the Rebellion.

Because of his experience and leadership ability, Daly was soon assigned as first officer of the recently-captured FRG Regis. He served in this position for several months, most of it on the front lines; the escort frigate was one of the most effective warships in Alliance hands at the time, and fought in many battles. During one particularly fierce engagement, the Regis' bridge was hit by multiple torpedoes. The captain was killed and many others injured, including Daly. He took command and stayed in the fight, soon turning the tide in the Alliance's favor. After the battle, High Command officially made him the frigate's new captain.

As captain, Daly saw more action and more casualties - especially among the Regis fighter pilots, who were first to engage the enemy. And though he was a good tactician, he could not win every battle. It was shortly after a disastrous raid that left most of her pilots dead or in sickbay that the Regis received orders to assist the CRS Defiance. Daly knew his ship was hardly in a condition to fight, but chose to go to the Defiance's aid anyway. As it happened, the Regis arrived just in time to take the survivors on board and escape.

Once again fate seemed to be at work. Red Squadron's reassignment to the Regis was almost a formality. Gideon Daly is not sure if he believes in the Force, but he has learned not to question fate.

To his crew, Captain Daly is a stern but fair commander who follows the code of conduct of the Republican Navy. Age, responsibility and war have given him a tendency to brood. However, he remains devoted to the restoration of the Republic and the safety of the Regis. He is polite but not very friendly to the pilots of Red Squadron. He has little patience for big-talking hotshot pilots who sit around drinking and treat his ship like their personal robotaxi, and he's seen too many eager rookies die on their first or second sortie. During Red Squadron's time aboard the Regis, he has been known to argue loudly with the squadron CO when they disagree on some aspect of the ship's operations.