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Heavy CRV Insane Endeavor


The original Insane Endeavor was an Old Republic Dreadnaught obtained by a younger Colonel Rambo when he was a Lt. Commander (See the Tale: Owtlaw’s Ship for details). When the search was on for a youthful commander with the style and skills to make a ship like that a formidable opponent for Imperials, a Devaronian female named Miyone Tellivar was referred to then CO of the Liberty Taskforce, Admiral Ra’kaat by chief medical officer Banarj.

She performed the duty with the aging ship admirably. However, with the Vigilant taskforce retooling for a faster, leaner craft makeup, the leaders of Renegade Wing fought hard to keep the services of Miyone Tellivar in the ranks while her original command was shuttled off to a distant rebel outpost to protect it from pirate raids.

To lure her services, they offered her a heavier-armed CR90 Corellian Corvette, customized for more firepower and durability to make her new ship capable of bruising the nose of Imperial ships three times her size. Highly customizable, this ship has four extra heavy quad turbolaser cannons amidships on top of the usual top and bottom dual turbolaser batteries just behind the bridge. The two extra customization pods house a second shield generator for reserve purposes and a mine deployment device.

This ship is more than up to the task of slashing across an Imperial Star Destroyer while raining fire down on the shields and absorbing all the punishment sent in return, allowing the rest of the Taskforce to get into better positions to overwhelm the Imperial ship.

In Miyone Tellivar's hands, along with the typical Devaronian force sensitivity, the newly rechristened Heavy CRV Insane Endeavor will definitely catch the Imperials off-guard.