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CRV Katarn's Claw


The Corellian Corvette Katarn's Claw had been a workhorse for the Rebellion since the days before Hoth, operating under the name Tantive I. Having served admirably with an impeccable service record, it was an obvious choice for the newly formed Vigilant taskforce.

The lone blemish on the otherwise spotless record was a botched escort mission in which a group of pirates were able to take the CRV by surprise. They managed to land an explosive charge on the viewport of the bridge before the crew realized they were under attack. Once the explosives went off, the entire bridge was vented into space.

After being rescued by a follow-up escort that scattered the pirates before they could board the ship, the Tantive Iwas sent off for repairs. Needing a new captain and assignment, Kyun Taggot was tapped for the job. Her first order of business was renaming the ship to the Katarn's Claw, after one of her favorite holo dramas.