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New Republic Logo
New Republic Ground Force embed, Bravo Company, is a dedicated combat force, nicknamed the SAD for Ship's Armed Detachment. They are primarily assigned to the Vigilant and Renegade Wing to allow for more varied missions to be completed. Now, on top of earning dominance in the skies, they have a strong force of troopers able to accomplish a myriad of mission profiles on the ground. Bravo Company, nicknamed Bex's Banshees, is earmarked specifically for special operations due to the highly specialized nature of the troopers and their myriad of diverse skillsets. 1st Platoon is dispersed throughout the ships of the Renegade Wing Taskforce to function as ship-board defense against boarding operations and sabotage. 2nd Platoon specializes in the rapid creation and defense of forward operating bases. 3rd platoon is the wildcard of the Company with each squad specializing in a unique mission profile, and are the reason Bravo Company has earned the moniker of "Bex's Banshees". 3rd Platoon generally relies upon Sabre Squadron's U-wings or Telgorn M/ATR-6 Assault Transports for insertion and extraction.

Wing Leadership resides in Renegade Wing Headquarters Element, Renegade Flight

Bex's Banshees
Fire Team Nickname Position
COY HQ - Bravo Niner Bex Udigg Company Commander
COY HQ Tinker Intelligence
PL HQ - Bravo 3 Niner Jen 3rd Platoon Lead
PL HQ - Bravo 3 Zero Ballsy SIG

Fire Team Nickname Position
One Mu PL SGT/First Squad Lead
One Sparks Demo/Tech
One Parrot Tech/Demo
Two Macka Squad 2IC/Medic
Two Cake Combat/Tech
Two Charmer Combat/Demo
Three Hush Team Lead/Scout
Three Tips Scout/Combat
Three Skitzo Scout/Tech
Three Doc Medic/Scout
Fire Team Nickname Position
One Sentinel Squad Leader
One Wretch Heavy Weaponry
One Stuffin Medic
One Gadget Demolitions
Two Lil Tree Heavy Weaponry
Two Beautiful Medic
Two Salamander Demolitions
Three Lawman Squad 2IC
Three Sandman Scout
Three Crank Heavy Weaponry
Fire Team Nickname Position
One Zero Squad Leader
One Manners Medic
One Red Driver
Two Darkness Pathfinder
Two Womp Rat Tech
Two Smelter Demolitions
Two Professor Medic
Three Clanker Squad 2IC/Marksman
Three Onionhead Heavy Weapons
Three Z Scout
Fire Team Nickname Position
One Stinger Squad Leader
One Salty Medic
One Swaggalicious Infiltrator
One Firefly Driver/Heavy Weaponry
Two Ghost Sniper
Two Boom Demolitions
Two Max Heavy Weapons
Three Slink Squad 2IC/Slicer
Three Shiny Recon and Suppression
Three Brainman Demo/Slicing
Fifth Squad - B35
Fire Team Nickname Position
One Odds Squad Leader
One Shade Infiltrator
One Valkyrie Tech/Combat
One Patchwork Medic/Combat
Two Puffer Demolitions Lead
Two Greenfingers Demolitions
Two Mr. Exogorth Driver/Medic
Three Hawk-bat Squad 2IC/Slicer
Three Shiner Exfil Driver
Three Jarhead Artillery Support



Halls of Honor
  • Click here to see the honours awarded to members of the CRS Vigilant.





Captain Bex Udigg

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Platoon Commander
Technical Specialty Assault and Infiltration
Secondary Specialty Demolitions
Side Arm A280-CFE Convertible Heavy Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Flameout
Physical Description Besalisk male, brown skin coloration; 27 standard years old; height 2.24 m, weight 134 kg


Captain Bex Udigg cuts an intimidating figure. The bulky, four-armed physiology of his Besalisk species has been known to strike fear into the heart of many Imperial or Pirate foes as he and his squad suddenly appear in their midst.

Before he joined the alliance, he worked briefly in a cantina as a bar back as he tried to make his way in the galaxy. He was increasingly denigrated by Imperial personnel that frequented his bar, and his second-class status discouraged him from getting any recourse to even the scales.

After seething on it, he decided to do something about it. After a night of crueler than usual treatment, he ambushed the four imperial officers that had been making his life hell for the past year, incapacitating all of them simultaneously.

While he had done this without witnesses, the officers in question had a pretty good idea it was him due to the nature of the attack, and an alert went out for his arrest. Bex booked unofficial passage with a freighter that had accrued a healthy bar tab. Through a strange confluence of events, he found himself immediately thrust into the Rebellion from that point forward due to the smuggler he'd joined being a fringe member of the nascent political movement.

He honed his skills in intrusion and other martial specialties, and was immediately accepted into the rebel infantry, where he continued to learn more skills and hone his command capability.

His service record is lengthy, but classified.



Lieutenant Jenalys "Jen" Wessex

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Platoon Operations
Technical Specialty Wilderness Survival
Secondary Specialty Combat Medicine
Side Arm A280 Blaster Rifle
Favorite Beverage Corellian Ale
Physical Description Serennian female, 24, light and athletic, 57kg, 1.73m, short hair down to nape of neck, raven black, caucasian, green eyes.


Whether it's pushing forward to capture an enemy position, using tactical skills covertly, or going so far as to storm a Star Destroyer while under cover, Jenalys lives by one rule: never order your men to do something that you wouldn't do yourself. Those who don't know her would easily mistake her for a rookie trooper due to her age. Those who have served with her would gladly follow her to any end of the galaxy and give their life in the process.

Hailing from Serennia, Jenalys's life has been anything but easy. The daughter of a wealthy noble family, Jenalys always preferred to be out playing in the forest rather than wearing ornate dresses or learning the intricacies of the upper echelons of civilized society. No matter how many times her mother ordered the guards to lock her in her room as punishment, she always found a way to evade them or even mysteriously escape from her room. Her father, on the other hand, privately delighted in having her use her wits to evade the guards and even himself in the forest or in the family's extensive private garden. Seeing the potential in his daughter, her father enlisted the help of an old family friend who fought during the Clone Wars to train her in hunting and survival in the wilderness.

When she was in her teens, Jenalys signed up to be part of the Vol Reh Rangers. This group, named after Lord Vol Reh the Seventh, specialized primarily in wilderness survival while also fostering an appreciation for the environment and those less fortunate in society. Secretly, the members of this group were also trained in a variety of blaster rifles and small arms to aid in any encounters with wild or dangerous beasts on Serennia or other planets where the group visited.

When Alderaan was destroyed, Jenalys knew she had to do something. Secretly stealing away at night, leaving a goodbye note for her father, she headed to the nearest spaceport and booked passage off-world. It didn't take long for her to make contact with a Rebel agent, and she joined the army arm of the ragtag but burgeoning Rebel Alliance military.

Using her skills and practical knowledge, Jenalys quickly rose through the ranks, distinguishing herself from her peers. She saw combat in many different theaters of war, including Taris, Bestine, Manaan, and Hoth. After the defeat on Hoth, she was re-assigned with what remained of her unit to the Vigilant.

Jenalys tends to use her wits in battle, assessing the situation rather than charging headlong into battle. Her level-headedness, eye for detail, and cunning tactical ability has saved not only herself, but many of her men and fellow soldiers. She's also been known to risk her life to save wounded comrades on the battlefield on several occasions, and is a natural at healing or applying first aid to others while under fire.

Jenalys isn't entirely about action, however. While she's left behind her privileged lifestyle, she still knows how to clean up well at functions. She also enjoys reading in her downtime, preferably in nature. There's also nothing she enjoys more than finding hidden waterfalls or exploring aquatic environments on the right world. The rare trip home has seen her spend time with her family, but she's easily content with meeting up with her old friends.

Rumors have circulated in the past about her spending downtime with a mystery lover - though the identity of who this person is is a mystery to all but Jenalys. Anyone who inquires is quickly told it's classified and put on latrine duty.



Corporal Ganio "Ballsy" Cardan

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Bravo Company SIG
Technical Specialty Communications
Secondary Specialty Mathematics and Probability
Side Arm DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Thermal Detonator
Physical Description Human male, 29 standard years, height: 153cm, weight: 61kg, carrot red hair, green eyes, pale complexion with a dusting of freckles on his face


Ganio "Ballsy" Cardan was born on Ord Mantell to an unremarkable family. He was the middle child of a brood of six children, and was frequently forgotten about and essentially raised himself. This made him a streetwise person who excelled at making uneasy alliances to keep himself out of trouble and alive. From an early age, he was fascinated by gaming and chance, and had an affinity for math. In his early twenties he was caught red handed counting cards at one of the many tables in the Lady Fate Casino. He talked his way out of punishment and into the service of the casino security manager, who took an immediate liking to Ganio's spirit and nicknamed him "Ballsy". He was put to work watching for the very thing that got him caught.

In his service at Lady Fate, Ballsy became an expert in the Casino's security systems and ran the control desk smoothly as silk. He also enjoyed shifts out on the casino floor, where he could directly observe the comings, goings, and actions of the patrons. Ballsy had a keen eye for observation and detail. He enjoyed inventing little stories that he made up about what the patrons were doing. He caught a lot of would-be cheaters and helped to increase the Lady Fate's bottom line.

One fateful day, Ballsy's luck changed. On a relatively quiet evening in the Lady Fate, he had the misfortune of calling out an off duty Imperial officer whom he suspected was cheating at one of the mid-tier sabacc tables. The officer, of course, refused to go quietly and instead called for backup. A stand-off ensued, which very nearly erupted into a fire fight between the Casino's security personnel and the Imperial security detail. Ballsy, with help from Lady Fate's security manager, somehow managed to talk everyone down and the situation dissipated.

Ballsy lived in the vicinity of the casino, and later that night on his short walk home, he was assaulted by the underlings of the Imperial officer he'd had the encounter with earlier. He defended himself and fought the thugs off, but was left feeling shaken and scared. He made it home and immediately packed a "go" bag and fled. He faded into the underground of Ord Mantell for a time but was eventually recognized and found himself returned to the Lady Fate's owner's office. Ballsy managed to pull out his interpersonal skills once again, explaining himself and smoothing the situation over. During that conversation, Ballsy reflected on what had happened and knew he didn't want to be bullied by the Imperials ever again. After a difficult, awkward discussion, he resigned and immediately went looking for the Rebel Alliance. He wanted more than anything to join up, delivery some payback, and do what he could to expel the Imperials from the galaxy. After a difficult period, he made contact with and managed to be recruited into the Alliance military as a ground solider.



TNT-4757 "Tinker"

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Platoon Intelligence
Technical Specialty Mobile Database Storage
Secondary Specialty Slicing
Side Arm Shock Field
Favorite Beverage Hot Oil
Physical Description Modified MerenData B2-X Computer Interface Unit, 4 standard years old. 0.4m height/weight/length (cube), 2.5 kg. Pink cube with 1 blue photoreceptor and small vocabulator on top of multiple extendable SCOMP link ports on 4 sides, and a makeshift micro-repulsorlift rig on the bottom. Feminine Programming.


Recovered from a mothballed Imperial stockpile on Pavia, Tinker is a modified B2-X Computer Interface Unit who had been part of an Imperial intelligence gathering operation in the Tapani Sector. However, typical of Computer Interface Units of her make and model, she became bored and aloof, detesting work she felt was beneath her intellectual and technical capabilities. As Imperial efforts in the sector wound down, Tinker was deactivated and left in an Imperial storage facility alongside other "useless" equipment, until she was discovered by Rebel scouts and was reactivated. Tinker promptly defected to the Rebel Alliance, seeing more potential for excitement and intellectual stimulation. A byproduct of this is that she brought with her a bevy of sliced and stolen Imperial codes and files stored in her database, acquired during her idle time between Imperial projects as a way to keep her mind busy.

Tinker is a small pink cube with extendable scomp link ports of various sizes on her sides which allow her to interface with nearly any machinery. She has one blue photoreceptor and a small tinny vocabulator on her top-facing side, and her bottom-facing side has a small multi-directional micro-repulsorlift unit allowing her limited locomotion, although she generally prefers to be carried. She is capable of electrifying her outer surface with a non-fatal electric field as a defense mechanism. Inside her deceptively small shell she has processing power of staggering power allowing her to slice most computer systems with ease, and even repurpose equipment or vehicles provided it has a scomp link interface. Additionally, she has multiple high-capacity data storage units allowing her to download and transfer large volumes of data.

Tinker is easily bored and is constantly looking for ways to keep her mind occupied; she detests "stupid" people, detests waiting around for things to happen, enjoys excitement, and prefers intellectual and technical challenges which push her capabilities. She is petty and vindictive towards those she doesn't like, and while she will follow orders, she is quick to speak her mind and express her displeasure, and will not hesitate to speak in exasperated or patronizing tones. She has been somewhat cagey with disclosing all of her stolen Imperial data, not out of loyalty to the Empire, but as a means to maintain her usefulness and avoid being deactivated again. She is loyal to the New Republic insofar as Rebel operations are more likely to keep her interest than boring regimented by-the-book Imperial ones, and the New Republic is more likely to treat her like a sentient being than as a disposable tool. Even if her personality chafes sometimes and inclines others (on both sides of the war) to wish to see her deactivated, she knows her usefulness.