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Captain Bill "Owtlaw" Bradley

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Nebulon-B Frigate, Rehz'nor.

Position CO FRG Rehz'nor
Technical Specialty Communications
Secondary Specialty Tactical Analysis
Side Arm Alliance Navy Service Blaster
Favorite Beverage Undisclosed
Physical Description Human male, close-cropped white hair and matching beard; 55 standard years old; height 1.9 m, weight 94 kg


Owtlaw earned his moniker in more ways than one. He'd been a constant thorn in the side of the Imperials for a long time, earning many deathmarks along the way for his efforts. He also is used to a high level of autonomy, leading him to "go rogue" often if he sees an opportunity and seizes the initiative before necessarily clearing it with his superiors. Thus, he was often a thorn in the side of his superiors as well.

His instincts have never been wrong, however, so his sudden-but-brilliant deviations from plans have never cost rebel lives or lost any mission objectives. Recently, he abandoned what his last commanding Admiral had said was a key defensive position to charge the Rehz'nor into a vulnerable position of an Imperial fleet, turning a bloody stalemate into a rousing success. He was busted down in rank for his troubles, but when the Admiral attempted to have him removed from command of his frigate, the crew threatened to mutiny immediately. Rather than deal with the headache of replacing an entire crew of misfits, the Admiral opted to transfer the ship out of his command without any mention of censure to make it more attractive for another taskforce to take the Rehz'nor off his hands. Rear Admiral Vodani jumped at the opportunity to add this ship to her growing flotilla, and assigned it to the Vigilant Taskforce.

He's a grumpy and taciturn man- behavior that even predates the loss of so many of his friends in Green Squadron, but that makes him all the more focused on the fight against the remaining Imperials. It also makes him less attractive for promotions as he seems to lack the political finesse required to advance in the fleet.