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Captain Piv Vootala

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to M30c Mon Calamari Frigate, Waverunner.

Position CO M30c Waverunner
Technical Specialty None
Secondary Specialty Capital Ship Tactics
Side Arm Blastech DL-44
Favorite Beverage Blue Stuff
Physical Description Duros male, blue skin; age undeclared; height 2 m, weight 120 kg


Like many others who joined the Rebellion after the destruction of Alderaan, Piv Vootala was an experienced freighter pilot who ran the spaceways, dealing with corrupt Imperial customs cops and the occasional pirate attack. While pirating was more strictly controlled during the Empire than any other period of history, Piv deliberately chose the highest-risk routes between his destinations-basically daring an attack and eager for the chance to hone his skills.

Uncharacteristic for his species, Vootala's daredevil nature has enabled him to best even some of the most well-organized of pirate raids. These tactics have translated well to commanding capital ships, as he joined the Rebellion as a pilot on the FRG Vision. Here, he caught the eye of the Vision's commanding officer, Trevin Evert, as a precocious newcomer to the Rebellion.

Evert was later reassigned to the con of the CRS Liberty, one of the legendary ships in the Alliance fleet. When word came down from High Command that a task force was being put together to be assigned to the newly commissioned Admiral Ra'kaat, Captain Evert recommended the young Duros that had impressed him at the helm of his previous command to captain a newly acquired and very rare MC30c Mon Calamari Frigate.