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FRG Rehz'nor


The Nebulon B Frigate Rehz'nor had a long and storied history within the nascent Rebel Alliance. She carried out a wide variety of mission profiles with little to no blemishes, including escorting neutral diplomats to negotiations with the Rebel Alliance as well as providing a launching platform for missions deep within Imperial space. The nonstandard crew scraped together untold amounts of green detailing paint to give the Rehz'nor a greenish hue to its hull to make it stand out amongst other ships of the same design.

Known as the longtime home of Green Squadron, when the fleet was assembled at Sullust to take on the second Death Star and Endor, Green Squadron was moved to another ship while the Rehz'nor was forced to lock down a power issue from excessive wear and tear over the year of hard fighting with the Empire. Her crew was forced to remain behind while her fighters and the rest of the fleet went on to win the pivotal battle they'd been working toward their entire service record.

With the near obliteration of Green Squadron at Endor, the Rehz'nor was now a strike/escort frigate without a fighter complement. The relatively quirky crew seems to be a put-off for many of the hard-charging New Republic leaders, but their track record and ingenuity led the Vigilant Taskforce to take them on with open arms to house one of their squadrons and help strike out at the stubborn Imperial holdouts