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Reporter Yam "Sidda" Siddalla

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position Embedded Civillian Combat Correspondent
Technical Specialty Holonet/Hyperwave Equipment Maintenance
Secondary Specialty Prose
Side Arm Blurrg-1120 holdout blaster
Favorite Beverage Gin
Physical Description Twi'lek female, 32 years old, 1.4478 m, 43 kg, purple eyes, yellow skin tone with yellow and pink variegated lekku, tip of the tchun (left lek) is missing. Cybernetic right arm.


Known to her fans and enemies alike as Sidda; Yam Siddalla is often seen with the following specialized equipment so she is ready to go on an assignment at the drop of the proverbial hat:

Wearable glasses with HUD overlay, holo/audio/visual recording capability, small storage capacity, short range send/receive capability

Cybernetic right arm with holo/audio/visual/ recording capability, medium storage capacity, short range send/receive capability

HoloNet/Hyperwave transmitter/receiver, portable, compact, backpack form factor, large storage capacity, medium range send/receive capability

Her subversive, personal, and unapologetically opinionated narrative style combined with her willingness to court danger have made her among the most accomplished war correspondents of her generation. Her most recent series of popular 'casts on HoloNet Free Republic saw her embedded with the 357th Mountain Division for 6 weeks covering their successful assault on the mines of Sevarcos II in the Tamarin Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Beamed into Imperial occupied star systems across the galaxy, her personal journey of hope and rebellion has reached millions to inspire or enrage; as their hearts and the Force guide them.

She first rose to prominence as an independent journalist for her syndicated investigative HoloNet series on the sex trafficking of female Twi'leks by the Hutt Cartels. Soon after, looking for a new gig and on the run from the Hutts, missing the tip of a lek but not a missing a beat; she found herself reading bulletins for the Alliance News Network - dispatches to the far corners of the galaxy for all those in harm's way - bearing news sometimes of victory and sometimes defeat but always of freedom fought for.

But that was a long time ago - days, months, years - if you're picturing a cheap calendar blowing away in the wind; you've got the idea, chum. Now she finds herself embedded with Renegade Wing, on assignment. Please send any gin you can spare to me, Sidda, C/O The Force, CRS Vigilant, Whereabouts Unknown.