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Captain Terak Quelle

Currently assigned to Vigilant Task Force.
Attached to Mon Calamari Cruiser, Vigilant.

Position CO MC80B Vigilant
Technical Specialty Captial Ship Tactics
Secondary Specialty Officer Training
Side Arm None
Favorite Beverage Calamari Xinphar
Physical Description Mon Calamari male, grey skin tone; 43 standard years old; height 1.6 m, weight 70 kg


Terak Quelle followed the typical path up through the ranks of the Rebel Alliance Navy that many of his Mon Calamari peers had followed, crewing a Mon Calamari Cruiser. He was the executive officer of the cruiser Defiance, and fought valiantly leading up to and during the Battle of Endor.

Known for a fiery disposition common for Mon Calamari males of his skin color, he pairs that with a deep respect for his subordinates and a keen eye for tactical maneuvers and tricks that have more than once won the day in spite of dire odds. It isn't beyond him to creatively interpret orders to suit the needs of him and the forces under his command.

He has a way of earning the respect of his crew and that respect makes them fight with the might of 10 times their number. They believe in him so much that even when a decision or order doesn't make sense, they don't question it and carry it out with fidelity.

His hot streak has caused him to run afoul of many superior officers, though each one knew that he was a capable leader and worth the few bouts of trouble he caused them. Perhaps he just hasn't served under the right leader that would either earn his undying respect or finally drum up enough charges to ship him off to a backwater command.