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Assault Frigate Mk. II Vollka


Called the "Battle Cat" by her more tenured Rebel Alliance crew members, the Vollka started life as a Rendili StarDrive Old Republic Dreadnought named the Crash Hammer, but her admirable service under Wilhuf Tarkin during his early service in the Greater Seswenna Raids soon took him as her namesake, changing to the Pride of Tarkin. She continued to serve with distinction during the great upheaval of the Clone Wars, holding the line at the Battle of Coruscant as a part of Lt. Commander Needa's Home Fleet Strike Group Five.

After surviving the Clone Wars with nary a scratch, the old Rendili model quickly fell out of favor with the Galactic Empire, and the Tarkin soon found herself renamed to the sterile 54BZ12 and was relegated to pirate interdiction in the far flung Outer Rim territories in the Tion Cluster. There she languished for decades, having to scrounge the secondary market more and more for replacement parts as the Empire focused her production efforts on their newer ships of the line. Her crew also received the short end of the stick for replacements as their enlistments ended, receiving fewer replacements than they were losing and lesser trained than the outgoing members.

During an extraordinary lull in these operations, the skeleton crew grew lax in their security. It was then that a daring raid by Rebel saboteurs boarded and commandeered the aged ship. With most of the crew planetside, the token security force was quickly overwhelmed and sent packing in a shuttle while the Rebels hypered out with their prize...

...Only for the ancient hyperdrive to break down shortly after they were underway. A stroke of luck led to them being close enough to a covert Rebel refit facility, where the once mighty Pride of Tarkin was hacked to the frame and rebuilt into the sleek attack craft she is today.

Once she rolled off the docks with added crew to fully fill her decks, she was christened the Vollka, named after a nearly-extinct hunting feline species native to Mirran Six that had the ability to generate electricity as well as the rumored ability to nearly disappear during hunts. This name fit her just fine, as she immediately set to raiding Imperial shipping lanes. True to her name, she disappeared during her hunts, much to the dismay of the Imperial ships sent to take her down.

Sacrificing the hangar space of the old design that could carry a squadron of fighters for more automation infrastructure as well as a surprisingly robust medical deck, the retrofitted Vollka now sports a fully operational crew of just under 5,000 beings as opposed to between double or three-times that amount that used to be required. Her armament and shield systems are heavier, and the improved hyperdrive system means she can hit and fade with the best of them, and stand toe-to-toe with the bigger Imperial ships for a short time. A few extra heavy ion cannon batteries on top of this new armament stand true to the electric feature of their namesake.

The Battle Cat stands ready to pounce upon targets of opportunity or shock the soft underbelly of the remaining Imperial war machine.