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Welcome to Renegade Wing Headquarters, the home of Rogue, Buccaneer and Corsair Squadrons and the newly raised Spectre and Sabre Squadrons! Wing Leadership resides in Renegade Wing Headquarters Element, Renegade Flight. Renegade Wing is an unofficial Star Wars fan group devoted to Star Wars gaming. The main focus of the Wing is Space Simulation (and Squadrons) but we've been around a while and Role Play and Fan Fiction have become staple elements of our community.

Renegade Wing was born of a Rogue Squadron expansion from the CIS Forums in the early 90's and based soley around X-Wing but adapted and welcomed X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter (including Balance of Power) and X-Wing Alliance players as the games released. With the creation of Star Wars: Squadrons we've all come back and built an amazing community around a Galaxy we love.

If it's all about the KDR we're not the group for you, nor are we looking to build membership for the sake of it. Please check out the Recruiting pages if you have an interest. (Update- All active Squadrons now have current SW:Squadrons requirements available. Note- Fulfilling Rogue Selection Criteria will put you in the frame for invitation but does not guarantee entry)

Navigation is a breeze aboard the Vigilant. Just explore the graphic hotspots above, and you will soon have all the information you need in your datapad. Don't forget to visit the Bridge regularly to find out all that's new here and in the Star Wars galaxy in general.


Our Home

Renegade Wing is based aboard the CRS Vigilant, an MC80B Mon Calamari Star Cruiser. The Vigilant has only just been released to the Alliance Navy after extensive space trials and was designated as the new home of Renegade Wing after the destruction of our previous command ship, the CRS Liberty, by the second Death Star at the Battle of Endor. Those of you whom where familiar with the Liberty will notice a look and 'feel' remeniscent of the Liberty of old, yet I'm sure you will have felt the difference of the upgraded engines and power core. Much of the similarity comes from the fact that the MC80B is still just an upgraded MC80 and most of the interior is still a standard configuration. This will evolve and change as Renegade settles in and stamps it's irrevocable mark upon this, the Alliance's newest, and most powerful asset.