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Renegade Wing Admin Board.

Here you will find the miscellaneous postings and orders that a Military organisation thrives on. Please pass anything you need posted here through your Squadron, or the Wing, XO.

Wing Top Gun 2v2 Tournament

The Vigilant's inaugural inter Wing Tournament, a Squadron's based 2 v 2 competition has been run and won. For those unaware the Tournament criteria can be reviewed here. Tournament Ribbons have been awarded and those have been promulgated appropriately here.

Final results are as follows:

  • Top Gun Wingmen: Jalb_k and Thanatos
  • Top Gun MVP: Thanatos

Participating Teams

  • Team Seugor Pot
    • Chris "Jalb_k" Reynolds, Rogue 1
    • Tony "Thanatos" Marcos, Rogue 6
  • Team Beastmode
    • Chris "Animal" Stephen, Buccaneer 1
    • Sigurd "BattleDog" Stormhand, Corsair 8
  • Team Bladerunner
    • 9-LOM "Syntax", Corsair 1
    • Andrew "Dobber" Dobson, Rogue 3
  • Team Zippoklides Taldon
    • Ikurrece "Zippy" Ojima, Mercy 1
    • Edwyn "Talon" KalDan, Spectre 7
  • Team BullFoo Branded Cheese
    • Andy "Bulldog" Clark, Buccaneer 12
    • Corell "Foo" Davis, Buccaneer 10
  • Team Loch Ness
    • Roy 'Lock' Callahan, Rogue 9
    • Kell "Dragon" Arcfire, Corsair 5
  • Team Black Ice
    • Conall "Shadow" McKenna, Spectre 9
    • Jack "Frosty" McCauley, Corsair 9
  • Team Quiet Disquiet
    • Rosk "Silence" Vikeron, Corsair 12
    • Malcom “Freak” MacCurrich, Corsair 6
    • [SUB]Myke "Wolf" Krenn, Corsair 10

Spectre Squadron

Spectre Squadron, the newest addition to Renegade Wing is on the verge of an official launch! Spectre Squadron will be an X-Wing focused Squadron; and will have entry requirements similar to those of Corsiar Squadron. Existing members of Renegade Wing who would prefer to fly an X-Wing as their primary craft can request a transfer into Spectre (both from a RP/game perspective). Priority would be given to pilots who have completed Spectre's entry requirements; though the intention is to provide a place for new pilots interested in joining our group. The hope would be to officially launch Spectre with at least 4 pilots; those could be a combination of existing pilots and new recruits.

Spectre's entry requirements are as follows:

    Star Wars: Squadrons:
  • Received the following Achievements on your platform
  • Pilot Level 25
  • Galaxy's Finest (Pilot) - Complete Story Mode on Pilot difficulty
  • Mission Accomplished - Achieve all medals in a story mission
  • Sound Strategy - Destroyed Your First Subsystem
  • Stay On Target - Won 15 Co-Op Fleet Battles vs AI
  • Stomped - Won a Fleet Battles vs AI match with both Capital Ships and your Flagship Intact
  • Squadron Hunter - Destroyed Four of Each Starfighter Class in Dogfight matches
  • I Have You Now - Win 15 Dogfight Matches

If you have an interest in Spectre Squadron - especially if you are new to the Renegade Wing group, send Krayt a message on discord to discuss!

Alliance Transfers

Those that are unable to fly 'in game' but still wish to contribute substantially to role play in support of the Sovereignty Task Force can apply to transfer to a flying squadron onboard The Vigilant. Their first step will be to ask for access to the Renegade Wing Discord and be vouched for by any current Renegade Wing member.

All Squadrons will require the transferee to display a firm commitment to Renegade Wing ideals and to participate in Wing activities. This is as simple as being involved in discussions and conversations on the Renegade Wing General chat.

  • Write an essay of no less than 500 words describing why they wish to be a part of Renegade Wing and/or the Squadron they'd like to be assigned to and how they will contribute to the group.
  • Write a short biographical sketch of the pilot or support staff they wish to play. Support staff members may be any of the non-pilot support staff not otherwise already designated by name in the Roster. Contact with the Renegade Wing Loremaster will be essential for this selection. They may choose to be a droid, non-human, etc.
  • For those seeking transfer to Corsair or Buccaneer, for RP or flight status, you require no pilot file however inclusion of same will be highly regarded.

  • Transfer to Rogue will only be considered with a pilot file. Understandably some may not have access to their original pilot files and the ability to grind out multiplayer ranks is not what it once was. Should a pilot seek to transfer to Rogue (prior to SWS release) as well as the above they will require:
    • An XvT pilot file with the minimum rank of Top Ace
    • Completion of the following missions with 80% Top Performance and no mission below Excellent:
      • Gunnery Training (Rebel side, single player)
      • Custom Dogfight (Rebel side, single player)
      • Rogue Squadron Attacks ISD Dominance (Rebel side, single player)
      • Defend the Calamari Cruiser Liberty (Rebel side, single player)
      • Frigate Duel (Rebel side, single player)
      • Raid on Giobiniu Platform (Rebel side, single player)
      • Rebel Capture of Corvette near ISD (Rebel side, single player)
      • Raid on Rebel Factory Koensayr 42 (Rebel side, single player)
      • Interdiction of Starfighter Deployment (Rebel side, single player)
      • Attack on Rebel Convoy near Athega (Rebel side, single player)
    • Qualify for the Regular Service Ribbon
    • Have previous experience in another squadron and have a recommendation from your CO/OC or another active Squadron member.
    • Applicant must have previously demonstrated Rogue ideals.
    • Demonstrate leadership ability
    • Display a firm and exclusive commitment to participate in Renegade Wing activities
    • XWA pilot files may be submitted and will be assessed individually.

All application materials should be sent to Rogue Leader (Jalb Kay on Discord). Upon examination of the materials a vote of the Vigilant Command Staff resulting in a majority will confirm transfer. Renegade Wing members may not be members of any other non 'Alliance' affiliated group. We want you to be serious about your commitment to the Vigilant and the Sovereignty Task Force.

Ranks and Positions

Members of Renegade Wing can be awarded promotions in rank and assigned special positions for outstanding service and performance.

Medals and Awards

Members of the Vigilant can be awarded various citations and medals for service and performance.