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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT, Combat Engagement: Attack on Victory-Class Star Destroyer Formidable

Skill Level: Medium
Flight Group:  X-Wing Rogue
# of Craft: 2
# of Waves: 3
Heavy Rockets (1/2 ammunition), Flare

You'll hyper in about 12 clicks away from the VSD. Flying cover is one A-wing from Gold. Red Squadron has dispatched a 2-ship flight group of X-wings, who will guarded by an A-wing from Blue.

The Formidable will immediately dispatch a 2 T/A flight group, Beta. Their main purpose is to keep your cover, A-wing Gold, busy while the 3 T/A group Alpha (positioned to the left of Beta) draws near in a vain attempt to take out Rogues 1 and 2. As soon as Alpha is within about 4.5 clicks from engagement with you, the 2-ship Gunboat flight Tau will hyper in near the Formidable, eyeballing the Rogue group. In a similar manuver, Red will have to fight past T/A Deltas 1, 2 and 3, while A-wing Blue tangles with T/A Gamma 1 and 2.

Target Alpha 1. Split him wide open head-to-head, and then concentrate on keeping the other two Alphas off your wingman while he makes his firing run.

You must destroy Alpha group, and toss your two rockets into the Formidable before Tau closes in for a lock. If FG Tao is far enough away, be sure to shoot down the missile(s) that the VSD threw at you, then hyper out. If not, destroy Tao immediately, then hyper. After jumping into Rogue One, confirm that all rockets have been fired, and take Rogue One home.

You'll come back in on the second wave (Rogues 3 and 4), 12 clicks out from the Formidable. It's the same scenario as the first, only the formation of the Alpha Group dispatched after you has changed. Protect your wingman from them as he makes his firing run. Once Alpha has been vaporized, plug the VSD with your rockets, and head home.

On the third wave (Rogues 5 and 6), proceed in the same pattern against Alpha if necessary. This time, toss your heavy rockets towards the laser turrets. If Red Squadron has done well in its efforts, only one firing run a Rogue X-Wing will be necessary before the Formidable becomes debris. If not, completing both firing runs ought to finish her off.

Once the VSD is toast, the Imperial Frigate Fury will arrive, and Red Squadron will hyper home. Mop up the remaining T/As, plus perhaps the few meager flights that the Fury sends out to greet you. If you're feeling particularly cocky, the Fury could be taken down, but hypering out at this point will get you a pretty red ribbon for your efforts.