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Tactical Operations Briefing: Basic Tactics


This briefing discusses the standard cannons used by fighters.


All fighters carry from 2 to 4 laser cannons. When super charged they have a range of approximately 1.5 km, approximately .8km when normally charged. Cannons can be fired singly or grouped.

Ion Cannons

Ion cannons are used to completely disable enemy ships. Once shields have been brought down by Lasers or other means, ion cannons can reduce the "System" efficiency of a ship. When System efficiency is reduced to zero the ship cannot move or fire weapons.

When fighters are disabled additional waves of that group will not deploy. This is an important tactic.

Lasers and Ions

A new discovery by Talyn, Corsair 2 now gives the Y-wing, B-wing, and Gunboat starfighters supreme firepower. The trick is to set lasers and ions to linked fire. Then you need to toggle between lasers and ions very quickly by rapidly hitting the 'W' key. This essentially doubles the firepower of these craft and makes them very deadly on head on attacks. Many times you will disable your opponent before actually destroying their craft. Be sure to use any warheads first before using this technique.