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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT, Single Player Exercise: Proton Torpedos

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 1, X-Wing Rogue
Craft: X-Wing
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 1
Armament: None
Countermeasure: None

The mission here is a simple one. You will be tasked with using your proton torpedoes to destroy an increasingly difficult set of targets. The mission requirements are the destruction of 2 Containers (CN/As Target 1 and Target 2), and a Freighter (FRT Target 3). Doing these 3 simple things will get you a mission complete, but if you are after a Top Performance you'll need to stick around and take on some hostile capital ships.

When the mission starts, set your ELS to 0/100/100 and start charging your shields and lasers. This will come in handy for later on when you start engaging ships that will fire back at you. I personally like to link my lasers and ion cannons in a Y-wing but that is just my preference. Target the first CN/A Target 1 and attack it with your lasers until it is destroyed. You can use your proton torpedoes if you wish as the mission states, dropping torpedoes on CN/As that can't fire back is unnecessary. I prefer conserving them for later as it's one less reload to have to do from your support ship. Repeat for CN/A Target 2 using lasers to destroy it.

Increase your throttle and head towards FRT Target 3. Again, we're going to use guns here, as the freighter doesn't take a lot to destroy and won't be firing back at you. Once the freighter is destroyed, you'll get the mission complete message. Your shields should be fully charged by now, so set your ELS to 75/50 for increased laser recharge rate and normal shield recharge rate. Now it's time to drop some capital ships.

The next craft that hypers in is the hostile corvette CRV Target 4. It will fire on you if you get within turbolaser range, so hang back out of range and switch to proton torpedoes. It will take 6 torpedoes to take down the CRV, so get a lock and fire away. This leaves you with 4 torpedoes left for the next ship. The next ship to jump in will be a Strike Cruiser, STRKC Target 5. Target it, get a lock, and fire your remaining 4 torpedoes. This will not be enough to take it down, but it will cause your support ship TRN Omicron to launch.

Head back to PLT/1 Training and get right above it. Target TRN Omicron and press SHIFT-B to call for a reload. This will pull the Omicron close to the platform to protect it, as the remaining capital ships will fly slow passes on the platform and attack it and the Omicron if they get within range. Once you have reloaded, head towards the STRKC Target 5 and resume your proton torpedo runs. Fire your payload at Target 5 and reload from TRN Omicron as needed until it is destroyed. It's a good idea to fly back to the PLT/TRN to reload rather than calling the TRN out to you to keep it away from the enemy capital ships.

Next up is the Frigate FRG Target 6. Repeat the same strategy you used for the STRKC. Make an attack run with your torpedoes, fly back to the TRN and reload, and repeat as necessary. When the Target 6 is destroyed the ESC Target 7 will arrive. This is the only part of the mission that differs from the rest. When the ESC takes damage, it will launch a single Tie Interceptor T/I Alpha 1. This ship must be neutralized. It has 10 single-ship followup waves all named Alpha with the following difficulties: 2 Rookies, 2 Officers, 2 Veterans, 2 Aces, and 2 Top Aces. These interceptors will target the TRN Omicron, so they must be stopped. The easiest method is to just switch to ion cannons and disable Alpha 1 to prevent followup waves from launching. Once T/I Alpha 1 is disabled, continue the mission as before with proton torpedo runs on the ESC. Once the ESC is destroyed, go back and destroy Alpha 1 if you wish for the points.

The rest of the mission should be rote by now. You only need to take down one more ship, DREAD Target 8 to earn enough points for a Top Performance.

NOTE: If you want to push the points as high as you can there are 3 more capital ships you can attack afterwards. INT Target 9, VSD Target 10 ISD Target 10. You will likely run out of torpedoes at some point, so as a word of advice, you may want to conserve your torpedoes earlier in the mission on the easier ships and save your torpedoes for later. That strategy is not covered in this briefing however.

Author:  Brennan Roth (Rainman - Rogue 8)
Strategy:  Brennan Roth