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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT, Single Player Exercise: Rebel Capture of Corvette Near ISD

Skill Level :  Hard
Flight Group:  Y-Wing Rogue (slot 3, escort) [B-Wing for BoP]
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 3
Armament: Heavy Rockets (6)

Your initial move in this mission should be ordering the rest of the ships in flight group Rogue to wait for further orders. Doing this will keep them from destroying disabled TIEs, disabling the oncoming Imperial forces will be one of the key elements of this mission. After all this is accomplished, configure your ELS setting so that it is rerouting all of your power to engines (0/0). You begin the mission at a considerable distance away from the Imperial Star Destroyer ?Illustrious?, the craft which houses the Corvette ?Assassin? in it?s hanger. The CRV will only leave the hangar bay when the ?Illustrious? has been either disabled or destroyed, so you will want to fire all six of your heavy rockets at it. Continue flying toward the ISD and target the closest group of Imperial fighters--TIE Fighter Alpha, three ships--move quickly to disable them so that they do not bother the Y-Wings from Green squadron. After flight group Alpha has been disabled, watch for TIE Interceptor group Delta. Disable T/I Delta--another group of three fighters--and then be on the lookout for TIE Fighter group Beta, which should be closely following Delta, and targeting you, so stay sharp. When FG Beta has been disabled, watch for TIE Bomber group Eta. This two ship group of T/Bs should be disabled well before they get within missile range of Y-Wing Green, their targets, but don?t be afraid to let the Y-Wings from Green take a few hits if you have to take a bit longer with the fighters from Beta.

Once all of the Imperial fighters are disabled, if you aren?t already in Y-Wing Rogue Five, you?ll want to hype out for the new set of heavy rockets. After which you will see that Y-Wing Green has either taken down the ISD?s shielding or taken many casualties, and in some cases both. Proceed to attack the ?Illustrious? until the shields are down. When the Destroyer?s shields fail a new group of TIE Interceptors, two ships from Zeta, will launch. Go ahead and disable the T/Is, then do the same to the destroyer. The Corillean Corvette ?Assassin? should now leave the hanger bay and start off toward its hyper point. Disable the CRV quickly, the old behind the engines tactic seems to work best.

After the ?Assassin? has been disabled and inspected, the attack transport ?Wraith? will come out of hyperspace along with a small escort. At the same time a new wave of Imperial ships will enter the area. The Victory Star Destroyer ?Achilles? and the Strike Cruiser ?Hermes? will arrive and begin launching fighters. The Hermes presents the greatest threat. It will launch a group of TIE Bombers--T/B Omega--that will attempt to fire on the ?Wraith? with concussion missiles. Disable the new bombers, then watch for a group of four TIE Interceptors, Iota, which will attack you. Attempt to disable them if you want, although it has proven safer to out-run the T/Is until the ?Wraith? has completed it?s mission. Be forewarned, if you get shot down be the T/Is you will leave the ?Wraith? open to assault from flight group Iota.

In the midst of all, this the new Y-Wings from Green, which are escort for the attack transport, should be attacking the ?Hermes? along with any other Y/W?s from the beginning of the mission. Help them out once you and the ?Wraith? are safe for extra points. If all is successful the mission should be completed with anywhere from 53000 to 56000 points, which of course will earn a Top Performance.

Author:  Tony Marco (Kid - Rogue 6)
Strategy: Tony Marco