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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

Multiple Player Exercise: Escort

If you fly this mission the expected way it can be difficult. Your best tactic is to disable as many of the T/B and T/F as you can. This buys you time for the FRTs to move along.

However, the Alliance SHU has orders to destroy any ships that get disabled. So, your respite is only temporary and new waves of T/Fs, or later T/Is can make your life miserable when you last expect it.

What to do? Well, the best techhnique to guarantee completing the mission is to be a little bit underhanded. When the mission starts switch to lasers, target your own SHU and destroy it. You will get a point bonus that exceeds the penaly for destroying your own craft. Then disable everything in the first waves of T/F and T/B.

If you are flying single player tell your wingman to wait and sit back for a few minutes and watch the FRTs crawl to the hyper point. Mission complete.