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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT, Single Player Exercise: Gunnery Training

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 1, X-Wing Rogue
Craft: X-Wing
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 1
Armament: None
Countermeasure: None

As soon as the mission begins set your laser and shield recharge to full, (ELS 0/100/100) and target the first container. Switch lasers to dual fire, then fire three shots into the container designated "Target 1," this should be enough to destroy the container. Proceed to target the second container, staying at 0% throttle, and knock it out with another burst of three shots. Repeat this process until you get to CON "Target 7", destroy seven, then target number eight. Fly past the CON and once your quite a distance away (about 0.20) change to 1/3 throttle spin round and fry it.

Now set your E/L/S to full lasers with no shields. Fly towards the platform at full throttle, aiming for the arm that is pointing towards you as you get nearer fly towards the beginning of the arm. Send all of your laser power into shields, as you get to about 0.35 from the platform switch zero throttle and full recharge on both shields and lasers. As you come to a stop try to be directly in front of the gun emplacement that is just above the extended arm. Whatever you do, make sure that you don't park your X-Wing at the start of the arm. This is because the TIEs launch from the little wall at the start of the arm. Now turn around so you're facing the arm and have a view of the "runway". TIEs from flight group "Mover" will now launch, this is an ideal time to make sure you are in a good position to take out more dangerous TIEs later. The most important thing to do is not let the TIEs get beyond the arm and effectively launch if this does happen the best thing to do is try and target them from the position your at and don't follow them by throttling up. To destroy the TIEs before they launch just stay where you are and frag them- don't bother with targeting unless you really need to. Once you've disposed of the movers the actual challenge begins, as 5 individual TIEs launch dispose of them and on the fifth set lasers to fire-linked. The next two TIEs launch together, flight group Diad, make sure you aim right in the middle of the two ships, fire once and you should destroy them both. Once that's done stay exactly where you are.

After this 3 launch (Triad Squadron) this is the only time you actually have to move you ship. First kill the two you already have targeted then move your X-W so you have the other TIE targeted and fry that one. Now move your ship back to where it was facing and a set of 4 will launch, flight group Quad, in two rows. Simply fire of two blasts and they'll be space dust- repeat this process for the next load of TIEs that launch. They will stay in the same formation but increase by one each time so just fire off enough blasts till they're all gone. If any get away don't worry, as they will undoubtedly hit the platform with lasers, making it shoot back. Once the total amount of TIEs reach six--FG Hex-- there will be two more waves of six--FG Dodec 1 & 2--the second of which launches 5 seconds after the first.

TIE Interceptors will now replace the TIE Fighters. There are two waves of six T/Is (FG Dodec 3 & 4) the first launches when all of Dodec 1 has been destroyed (this means some of Dodec 2 may still be around) and the second wave launches five seconds after this happens. It would be all but impossible to destroy them ALL on launch, but you can still get them all either by letting the platform take them out or after the last wave has launched throttling out of your position and engaging them yourself. The best option, point wise, is the latter, especially as you will probably be able to take out about four on the launch of each wave, so there will only be about 4 left. When doing this, stay close to the platform for cover. Once all of the T/Is are gone, either hyper or press space bar to be taken into the platform.

This will give you a top performance, but if you want to stop after you have received enough points for a TP, you will have enough points once you have destroyed all of FG Hex.

Author:  Alastair Harper (Rancor - Corsair 12)
Strategy: Vince Rambo (Stryker - Rogue One)