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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT Combat Engagement:Attack on Tortali Platform

Rebel Side
Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 1, X-Wing Red
Ship: Y-Wing  (B-Wing for BoP)
# of Craft: 2
# of Waves: 2
Armament: Mag Pulse 
Countermeasures: None

When you enter the mission, switch your weapons over to Ion Cannons and set them to linked fire. Target TIE Interceptor Alpha 1, which should be targeting you ("E"-Key). Set E/L/S to 75/50, disable Alpha 1 and do the same to Alpha 2. Make sure that your wingman doesn't kill the disabled fighters. To do this, tell your wingman to target the fighter you're currently disabling. You can also order them to wait, but then they'll be sitting ducks. The next fighters you should disable are TIE Bombers Beta 1 and 2, Since they'll be going after flight group Green. Press the "R"-Key to target Beta 1. Disable it and continue with Beta 2. Now you should be going after T/I Alpha 3 and 4 which will again be the nearest craft. If Alpha 1 and 1 are far away (over 2.5K), set E/L/S to 25/50 to get closer fast. When you close to 2.0K, set E/L/S back to 75/50. When these are disabled, do the same to Beta 3 and 4.

When all Imperial have been fighters disabled, order all ships from flight group Red to Wait [Shift-W]. Dumbfire a Mag Pulse torpedo at the Platform, then get to a distance within firing range (less than 1.5K away from the PLT) and go to 0% throttle. Set E/L/S to 100/100 and transfer shield energy to lasers to maintain a full laser charge. Disable the Platform, always firing a Mag Pulse at it every half a minute or so, to make sure the lasers stay off-line.

When the Platform is disabled, three shuttles from flight group Lambda will launch. Set E/L/S to 100/50 and inspect and destroy all three for bonus points, you will get 500 points for ID-ing and 2000 points for destroying each SHU.

By this time the Strike Cruiser "Huntsman" should have arrived, along with two Assault Gunboats. Ignore the GUNs and head for the STRYK. Dumbfire a Mag Pulse at it and disable it, making sure the cruiser's guns don't come on-line again. Use E/L/S setting 100/100 and go to 0% throttle. Approach the STRYK from the side to avoid being rammed (front) or to take engine wash damage (behind). When it's disabled you can either destroy it yourself, or start going after the GUNs. If you choose not to destroy it, your wingmen will. There are 3 waves of GUNs to kill. Best E/L/S setting to use against GUNs is 100/50, but this depends on your personal preferences. When they are destroyed, kill the remaining disabled fighter to be rewarded 10,000 points for destroying all Imperial craft. If you complete all this on hard, you'll have earned yourself a Top Performance.

Author:  Gabriel Leventhal  (Wolfman,  Corsair 8)
Strategy: Gabriel Leventhal