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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT, Single Player Exercise: Defend the Calamari Cruiser Liberty

Skill level: Hard
Duty Roster: Team 1, X-Wing Rogue
Craft: B-wing   (Y-Wing for stock XvT)
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 3
Armament: Heavy Rockets (8)
Countermeasure: Flares

Once you come out of the hyperspace, the Interdictor Cruiser Restrainer is ahead of you. Set ELS to 0/0 to go for it, and order your wingmen to attack it. Then, target the nearest fighter, which are T/Is from Alpha group. Disable them, and then continue at your top speed to the INT restrainer, A-Wings from Team 2 will kill those sitting ducks for you. Your next target will be T/Bs from Beta group. To save time, just disable them and let them sit in space. After stopping the first wave of Alpha and Beta group, dumbfire 4 heavy rockets at the INT.

The Restrainer will not survive for long. When your wingmen are attacking it, stay alert for any replacement waves of Alpha and Beta. ( Editor's note... If you tell the A-wings to wait at mission start they will not destroy the disabled TIEs and you will not encounter any follow up waves from the INT. After the INT is destroyed tell the A-wings to continue their mission so that they may help you with T/Bs from the ISD ) You may destroy them or continue to disable them. Once the INT is history, head back toward Liberty at top speed. Very soon, you will see the ISD Bellicose come out of Hyperspace and position itself right behind the Liberty. Keep your course to the Liberty for a while, and when the CRS is within 6 Klicks, dumbfire all you have at the ISD and then go into hyperspace. The purpose of heading to the Liberty first is to ensure that the Bellicose will not block your path into hyperspace.

Now that you are in your second craft. Come out of the hanger bay, turn left, set to full speed, and dumbfire all your payload. If your come across any T/Bs from Delta Group, disable them, but don't waste too much time before you hyperspace out.

Use your third craft to kill the ISD, The best way is to use the weakness at the ISd missile launcher. You should disable it first after you go into the hull, otherwise it will hyperspace out once its hull is down to 80%. Remember to save some rockets to kill the VSD Jundland, but if you are too conservative, you may take too much time, and T/B Delta (rememebr that a disabled ISD still can launch fighters) and Kappa from VSD Junland will destroy the Liberty.

After killing the ISD, set you L/S to 0/0 and move at top speed to intercept T/Bs Kappa. Time is very critical, especially if you work slowly in killing the ISD. If you fail, try launching fewer rockets to the INT, and more at the ISD.

If you succeed in disabling T/Bs Kappa, the following is easy -- order your team to engage the VSD Junland. If you have enough ammo, you can destroy it, before TIE Advanced reinforcements come to help. If everything goes well, hyper home and obtain a Top Performance Ribbon.

Author: Michael Lee Chun To  (Mustang - Rogue 11)
Strategy: Michael Lee Chun To