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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT Combat Engagement:Attack on Rebel Convoy near Athega

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 3, A-Wing Gold
Craft: X-Wing
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 3
Armament: Concussion Missiles (8)
Countermeasure: None

The objective of this mission is to see Corellian Corvette group Athega (11 ships) safely into hyperspace. For the objective to be accomplished, 50% of the convoy must complete their mission of entering hyperspace.

The initial threat to the convoy comes from the Assault Gunboats in flight group Tau. Tau consists of four GUNs--with three waves which launch separately. The primary threat to the player comes form TIE Advanced Alpha (two ships), which comes in three separate waves. To defeat the primary attack force, you will need to attack the GUNs rigorously. One the first pass fire at least one missile at each of the GUNs--this should at least make them break formation and give you time to start whittling down their numbers.

Concentrate on the gunboats until you?ve depleted all of their craft. Ignore the Alpha group if they attack you, once you?ve been destroyed they will move on to attack another Rebel fighter--but this will allow you to peruse the GUNs. Try to keep the GUNs as far from the CRVs as possible, remember, torpedo range is 6km--you will also want to destroy any torpedoes that they launch. Once the GUNs have been destroyed, the T/As will turn tail and attack the CRVs--making the T/As an easy target. Take out all of the TIE Advanced for more points--they do not present a genuine threat to the remaining CRVs unless they?ve already sustained damage from torpedoes.

When all T/As and GUNs have been destroyed, the Victory Star Destroyer Aggressor will come out of hyperspace and launch TIEs. TIE Bomber group Delta is launched to further attack the CRVs, while TIE Interceptor Beta is launched to attack Rebel fighters. During the same few moments the CRS Defiance will come out of hyperspace and launch X-Wing Green. Green will then proceed to engage the VSD--which runs when it?s hull is at 75%. The CRVs should be reaching their hyperspace point by this time and your mission will be completed. If you wish to obtain a Top Performance you must stick around and battle the VSD and it?s fighters. There are four waves of three ships in both T/I Beta and T/B Delta--if you need extra help, fire a burst at the Defiance and four Z-95s from Blue will be launched.

Author:  Tony Marco ( Kid - Rogue 6 )
Strategy: Tony Marco ( Kid - Rogue 6 )