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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT Combat Engagement: Frigate Duel - Malevolent vs. Endeavor

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 2, Y-Wing Gold 
Craft: B-Wing (A-Wing if without BoP)
#Craft: 4
#Waves: 2
Armament: Heavy Rockets (8)
Countermeasures: Flares

Note from the Author: This Mission can be flown with any selection of craft. The B-Wing is suggested, because it holds 8 HRs and has Ion Cannons, which makes the mission slightly easier. So if you don't like finishing missions by disabling enemy fighters, fell free to choose a different craft - preferably the A-wing. Special Notes concerning a different craft are marked in italic print.

The primary objective of this mission is to destroy the imperial FRG Malevolent. As you arrive at the combat scene, set your E/L/S to 0/0 and arm your Heavy Rockets. Target the Malevolent (Press O) and line up for your attack. It will probably launch missiles at you when you are within six klicks, ignore them, if you're hit, just line up again. When you get a red lock, fire all 8 HRs at the FRG and then jump to your next craft. Get a red lock and fire all 8 again. This is more than enough to destroy the FRG, so if for some reason one or two miss, you'll have bagged the FRG anyway. This will give you around 35,000 points. If you're flying in a craft other than the B-Wing, just jump craft and fire until about 15 HRs are underway (13 are needed to destroy a FRG if all hit).

That pretty much takes care of the FRG, the tricky part though, is to keep the Endeavor alive while getting over 50,000 points in order to receive a Top Performance. Set E/L/S to 75/50 and go after Tie Bomber group Beta first, as they'll be launching proton torps at the Endeavor (if you're far away from Beta group, set E/L/S to 0/0 until you get in range). None of the craft will have follow up wave, as they were destroyed when the Malevolent blew.

Soon after the Malevolent is destroyed 2 Gunboats and 1 Tie Advanced from group Eagle will arrive. The GUNs will target the Endeavor and the T/A will target you. If there are still some Alphas, Betas or Gamma left, tell your wingmen to attack those (SHIFT-A), if not tell them to wait (SHIFT-W). Disable T/A Eagle as fast as possible and then concentrate on disabling the GUNs, always telling your wingmen to attack a left over craft or telling them to wait, or else they'll destroy the disabled ones. If you're in a craft with no Ion Cannons, have your wingmen destroy all Betas and then have them target the T/A, while you go after the GUNs. Both GUNs and the T/A only have one follow up wave, so when all three have been disabled and all other imp craft has been destroyed recharge your shields and destroy the T/A which will initiate the arrival of the next one.

Now destroy the T/A and recharge your shields in order to engage the GUNs. If you already crossed the 50,000 mark, feel free to abort the mission, but if you want to erase all imps from the battleground, destroy both GUNs, and the last two craft will arrive. There is no need to disable these craft, as they don't have any follow up waves. If you still have HRs left, you can line up from behind with the GUN and launch the HR or just dogfight them with lasers. There is no threat coming from them, as they'll be going after the Endeavor. When both GUNs are destroyed, you'll have received a 15,000 point bonus and will have earned yourself a Blue Ribbon.

Author: Gabriel Leventhal (Wolfman - Corsair Eight)
Strategy: Gabriel Leventhal