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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

Multi-Player Exercise: Space Bombs

When I play this mission I start with ELS set to 0/50 warhead launcher set to double and speed to 100%. Go for the first platform and when you get the Yellow tone wait around 2 seconds then Fire, hit "j" to jump to the next craft, get the yellow tone and Fire, hit "j" yet another time, wait then Fire the last two Bombs.

This way you get the credit for Fragging the PLT and you are also certain that your wingmen doesn't get blown up because they've tried to take it out with lasers (as they often try).

Once Platform A is gone you can go get some new Warheads and go for PLT B. If you have "unlimited flights" toggled then just go to hyperspeed to get new warheads and repeat the steps that took out PLT A. Otherwise just get new warheads from Mako and fire them into the PLT, get new, fire, get new, fire (get the point?) till it's gone.

While you (Y-Wing Gold) were busy taking out PLT A and B, Y-Wing Green took out PLT C, and Then an ISD comes along... Which both Green and Gold will attack.

On Easy the ship doesn't last that long, but on Medium and Hard you'll find it very difficult (but not impossible).

Tip: Disable the ISD, saves a lot of time (and ships)