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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT, Single Player Exercise: Escort

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: NA
Craft:  Y-wing
#Craft:  1
#Waves:  1
Armament: None
Countermeasures:  None

First off, order your wingman to wait, then destroy the SHU Guardian for a 2,500 point bonus. Turn 90 degrees from the convoys original heading, charging until lasers and shields are maximized, then resume full speed.

When the FRG Hovis arrives, lock and fire a missile at it. If you are quick enough, you can get one off before it launches a missile back at you; otherwise you will need to shoot down the incoming missile.

Watch for the launch of T/F Eta (2 waves of 2) and T/B Alpha (2 waves of 2), while staying about 2 to 3 km away from the Hovis. Eta will be after you, while Alpha will be hunting your convoy. Disable both T/F's as fast as you can, follow by disabling both T/B's immediately thereafter.

At this point, you can simply wait by the disabled craft until mission complete. However, if you are trying for a high score, or even a Top Performance ribbon, you must move quickly.

Target, lock and fire a missile at the FRG while charging shields and lasers if need be then shoot down the incoming missile. Retarget the FRG and fire another missile. If timed correctly, you should force the FRG to waste her missiles vainly trying to shoot down yours. Continue this until you have fired all missiles at the FRG, and it has fired all of its missiles at you or your missiles.

At this point, order your wingman to attack the Hovis while you maneuver your craft forward and above the FRG, about 2-km out. Set lasers and ions to linked, and begin making runs at the FRG. You want you angle of attack to be just steep enough for the bulk of the command section to block fire from the lower Turbo-lasers on the "fin".

Initially target with Ions, as they have the longer range, begin toggling as rapidly as you can while attacking. Jink a bit once or twice, do not just bore straight in. Your ELS should be 75/0 on the inbound trip and 0/0 while going outbound, evading as needed.

Once out of turbolaser range, begin recharging shields and lasers to maximum, while at the same time repositioning for the next run. Repeat this as quickly as you can, try to avoid taking fire as much as possible.

Keep an eye on FRT Vetoun 1, once it reaches waypoint 1 you will only have about 2 minutes before it reaches waypoint 2. The FRT's will hyper out seconds after reaching Waypoint 2, you MUST be outside of turbolaser range of the Hovis before this happens.

If you manage this, the Hovis will apparently not consider you a threat any longer as they turn for their hyperspace point, allowing you to fly anywhere near it you desire for as long as you avoid firing upon them.

Hopefully by now you will have managed to lower it's shields to 30% or less; otherwise you are in for a very rough ride.

Maneuver your craft to just above the boom, a bit behind the docking platform. Set recharge rates to full, and match speed with the FRG. Aim at the laser gun aft of the bridge, if correctly positioned this will be the only one able to hit you in your current position. Begin toggle-firing as rapidly as you can, this is a brute contest between your ability to burn through the shields and kill the laser gun before it can kill you. Continue firing until the FRG is disabled. Take a rest and breathe again while you recharge. If your wingman is still alive, order him to wait as well.

Note: You now have a choice to make. Option A that listed directly below is designed to achieve the maximum amount of points by destroying all of the enemy ships in this mission. However, If done correctly, you will be able to achieve a top performance without fighting the Gunboats or the TAs. If you decide to choose this quick and easy path (as Vader did) please see Option B.

Option A:

Once fully charged, it is time to take care of the fighters once again. Close to the now distant fighters. If your wingman is still alive, order him to attack the fighter furthest from the FRG, make him wait again just outside of laser range of the fighter.

Begin by destroying the T/F, then head toward the FRG and destroy and their follow-up wave, be prepared for the launch of T/I Beta (2 waves of 2). On Medium or higher 2 groups of T/I (1 wave of 2 each, 4 total) will launch upon the destruction of Beta 1-4. Your best is to engage the TIEs and disable them close to the FRG so you may hover over the frigate's hangar and destroy them in order to rotate back and disable the TIEs/TIs as they launch

Once all T/I have been destroyed, begin work on T/B Alpha. When Alpha 1-4 have been destroyed, T/B beta will arrive (2 waves of 3) 15 seconds later. Use the same hover tactic to disable/destroy the TBs as you used on the TIEs and TIs. With the complete destruction of Beta, GUN Mu (1 wave of 2) will arrive 30 seconds later. With the destruction of Mu, T/A Alpha (1 wave of 3) will arrive if playing on medium or higher.

Having hopefully destroyed all of the above listed fighters it is now time to finish off the FRG. SHU Leap will leave the FRG once it has reached 50% hull status, be on the lookout for it. Destroy it for a 2,500-point bonus.

Kill the FRG and hyper out, and congratulations on a job well done!

Option B:

Continue with the above plan by destroying all of the TIEs and TIs. Then you should lower the FRG's hull to 49% and watch for the launch of SHU Leap. ID and destroy it for the above bonus and then posistion yourself back above the FRG's hangar bay.

Now you should lower the FRG's hull to 15% and then stop so you can destroy all of the TBs as described in Option A. When all of the TBs are destroyed GUN MU will arrive. Now you want to finish off the FRG which will prevent the TAs from launching. By now your score should be about 48,000 - 51,000 points. If you haven't eclipsed 50,000 points you should engage the GUNs. Kills on both GUNs should put you over the top for a Top Performance.

Author:  Vince Rambo ( Stryker - Rogue 1 )
Strategy:  Vince Rambo