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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

Multi-Player Exercise: Defend the Liberty


As you start out T/B are on their way in as well as 2 T/I, don't bother with them, head for the T/B. Destroy them with guns as quickly as possible. If they were able to fire off some torpedoes target them and shoot them down before they are out of range.

Torpedo's if launched are your worst enemy, so one of your primary things to do is kill them! Destroy 2 waves of T/B that launch from the interdictor then head back toward the Liberty.

An ISD hypers in right behind it and you are going to want to intercept the fighters that it launches. Whether you call for reinforcements is your choice.

Take out at least 2 of the T/I that are launched from the ISD and then focus in on the bombers. If you still have missles left dont be afraid to use them. If you are using lasers just give the bombers hull damage and move to the next one, after all have hull damage kill them.

Kill any torps that they lauch off, unless the bombers do not have hull damage. Hull damage will get the bombers doing evasive manuevers and will give you more time to set up for a attack run on their torpedo's.

Remember that once all 3 of the bombers are destroyed another wave drops out of the ISD. So be ready to take em on head on. At this close range they get a lock very quickly. After a couple waves of bombers a VSD hypers in on the opposite side of the Liberty. A Strike Cruiser also hypers in and starts launching its fighters but you have to either stick to Torp killing or bomber and Torp killing. After the bombers stop firing theirs torps kill them.


Instead of the X-Wing you are going to want to take an A-Wing, it holds 6 heavy rockets compared to the X-Wings 4 heavy rockets plus it has more speed and is a good craft. You enter the mission head straight at the Interdicter but do not, I repeat DO NOT target it. If you target it, it will fire missles at you and your HR's so just fly right at it until you are in range.

Another thing is that you want all of your laser recharge to head into your engines, so you have shields at normal, no lasers and upped engine power, this will allow your HR's to move faster and will get you closer quicker. Once your HR's are gone it'll knock their sheilds down to 28%. Tell your wingmen to attack it while you blast it with lasers.

Once they begin your buddies fire their torps shoot out any missles that the INT is firing to destroy the Torps.

Once this has been accomplished the interdictor should be dead or close to it. Then head out to destroy Bombers that still remain. When the ISD and VSD hyper in tell your wingmen to head off toward the VSD while you assault the ISD. Then it is all about torpedo interception.

  • destroy torp's that are heading in on the Liberty
  • destroy the bombers before they get a chance to do any damage
  • watch for the new incoming waves of fighers and bombers as well as the ISD, Strike and VSD.
  • After 2 waves of the Interdictors bombers head towards the Liberty you can intercept the ISD that hypers in.
  • Try and save your missiles so you can use them on bombers that are out of laser range