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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT Combat Engagement: Attack on Rebel Convoy near Athega - version 2

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 3, A-Wing Gold
Craft:  X-Wing
#Craft:  1
#Waves:  3
Armament:  Concussion Missiles (8)
Countermeasure:  None

A word of advice. This mission is very difficult, but not impossible. Perseverance and adherence to this TO will help you master it.

The objective of the mission is to see Corellian Corvette group Athega (11 ships) safely into hyperspace. For the objective to be accomplished 50% of the convoy must make it into hyperspace, thus completing their mission.

The primary threat to the convoy comes from Assault Gunboat Flight Group Tau. Tau consists of 12 GUNS, an initial wave of 4 with a new GUN hypering in when it's predecessor is destroyed. It is impossible to have less than four GUNS out until GUN Tau 12 has arrived, so don't get all wrapped about the axles over the amount of Guns. You will also find Tie Advanced Alpha consisting of 6 ships, once again an initial wave of 2 with subsequent craft arriving as each T/A gets destroyed.

At mission start set ELS to 0/0, toggle closest enemy (R) then cycle target selection once (T). This will bring up GUN Tau 1. Assign it to F5 (shift+F5 while targeted). Select missiles and set to dual fire. When you first get tone set ELS to 100/50 and on target acquisition send off 6 Concussion Missiles. GUN Tau 3 is right behind him, lock him and give him your other 2 missiles. Switch back to Lasers, quad link, and finish off Tau 3. Hit F5 to bring up Tau 1, locate it and destroy it with a few quad bursts. Now, either before you finish Tau 1, or just after, you will be locked up and fragged by T/A Alpha. Ignore them and continue on guns, you may be destroyed so try and hyper out if you can. If you relaunch set ELS 0/0 and toggle closest enemy (If you failed to destroy your first two targets Tau 1 & 3, they are a priority) which will be Tau 2 or 4, they will also be launching torpedoes. Use your remaining laser charge to take out what torps you can, then put 2 missiles into each of them (Tau 2 and 4) then leave them to the CRV's and your wingmen. Cycle through your targets until you get GUN Tau 5. Run straight at him with missiles selected, when you start getting tone, ELS 100/50, then give him your 4 remaining missiles. Close and finish him with guns. Cycle through for Tau 6, ELS 50/50, head on over, once in range, ELS 100/50 and welcome him with quad bursts of solid light. By this stage you should be far enough out to toggle nearest enemy, which should be Tau 7, if not, cycle your targets till you get him. Same deal as Tau 6, ELS 50/50, head on over, once in range, ELS 100/50 and welcome him with quad bursts of solid light. Keep doing this until you have destroyed GUN Tau 12. If you get destroyed by T/A during this, on relaunch, set ELS 0/0, find the closest GUN and make a beeline for him. Deal with it the same way as Tau 5. Run straight at him with missiles selected, when you start getting tone, ELS 100/50, then give him 2 or 4 missiles (depending on it's shield/hull damage). Close and finish him with guns, if required. Cycle up the next number Tau and continue.

Once you have destroyed Tau 12 T/A Alpha will start to make runs on the convoy. Set your ELS 50/50 and casually fly towards the nearest Alpha. If one of them is destroyed before you get there, cycle your targets until you find T/A Alpha 3 and head for him. He will be intent on Athega and will make an easy kill. Do the same for 4, 5 and 6. By this stage your wingmates should have destroyed Alpha 1 and you will be awarded a 5000 point bonus for 100% destruction of primary assault group and you should be at between 35 and 40 000 points when the convoy hypers out.

Now, depending on time when the last of the Primary Assault force was destroyed, the VSD Aggressor will arrive and launch Tie Bomber group Delta (four waves of three) and Tie Interceptor group Beta (four waves of three). At the same time CRS Defiance arrives and launches X-Wing Group Green. If the convoy is still around you must intercept and destroy T/B Delta. If not, head towards the Defiance and fly lazy circles. If anything gets too close fire a missile at it, if you have any left. If not, runaway. You can outrun anything that's left by economical use of your ELS settings, make some space, turn, shoot and turn again. Once X-Wing Green has been destroyed fire a shot at the Defiance. This will launch Z-95 Group Blue who will take the heat off you. The VSD will withdraw once it's hull reaches 75% (however, on occasion, Green sometimes manages to destroy it if you get in amongst the fray and keep the fighters off them) Once the VSD is gone all that remains is to mop up the few left over Ties (Use the Defiance, stay close and her gunners will help) then you can hyper out, put your feet up on the bar and have a nice cool Beer while admiring your Top Performance Ribbon.

Author:	Chris Reynolds (Jalb_k Corsair Five)
Strategy: Brennan Roth (Rainman, Rogue Five) 
          Chris Reynolds