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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT Combat Engagement, Protect Escaping Rebel Frigate

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 2, X-wing Green
Ship: B-wing (BoP), Y-wing stock XvT
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 1
Armament: Proton Torpedoes (12)
Countermeasures: None

The goal of this mission is to make sure that the rebel convoy, which consists of the FRG Rhez'nor, two CRVs from S'bow, the CORT Outlaw, and three CARG Gefion, make it to hyperspace. Fast reflexes and accurate shooting will help you accomplish this goal.

When you first enter the mission, you will be in the hanger of your mothership, the FRG Rhez'nor. Let your wingmate exit the hanger, and then follow him out. This is a bit tricky in the B-wing, but with some practice you should do fine. Just try to stay towards the top of the hanger.

When you are in space, target your wingman and tell him to wait (Shift-W). Now fly around the convoy until the STRKC Scylla hypers in. When it does, head for it. It will immediately launch a three ship flightgroup of T/B Alpha, and then a three ship flightgroup of T/I Beta. Disable them as quickly as you can with your ion cannons. Some of these ships may be shot down, and if all three in the flightgroup get destroyed, you must disable their follow-up waves. Eventually though, some T/Is and T/Bs will be out of range of the Rebel convoy, and will just sit dead in space.

Target the STRKC Scylla and fire all twelve proton torpedoes at it. Then move into it's blindspot and set ELS to 100/100 and disable it using the toggle trick. This will prevent it from hypering out and calling GUN Tau in. Now, one at a time, kill the rest of T/I Beta. Destroy the disabled ships, and then disable their follow-up waves and so on until all of Beta is destroyed. Now do the same with T/B Alpha. Be warned though, when the last T/B Alpha is destroyed, three GUNS from Tau group will hyper in and target you, also an Imp ISD will fly in. By now, FRG Rhez'nor should have hypered out and you have gotten the mission complete, but there is only a bit more work to do to earn the Top Performance.

As soon as T/B Alpha are destroyed, destroy the STRKC with your lasers. You should be able to do this before GUN Tau reach you. When STRKC Scylla is gone, set ELS to 75/50, target the nearest GUN, match speeds with him, and head out away from them. If you are disabled, wait until you are recharged, and go after GUN Tau. You will have to destroy the first wave, and probably part of the second wave to get the Top Performance. When you hit 50,000 points, feel free to quit, or wait and take on more forces.

There are 24 T/Bs from Delta, and a VSD Triumph that you can take on if you want to, but remember, 50,000 points is a Top Performance, so you can leave at any time after that. All that's left is to admire your new blue ribbon!

Author: Brennan Roth (Rainman - Rogue Five)
Strategy: Brennan Roth