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Tactical Operations Briefing: Imperial

XvT Single Player Exercise, Space Bombs

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 1, T/B Beta
Craft: Assault Gunboat
#Craft: 2
#Waves: 1
Armament: Space Bombs (4)
Countermeasure: None

You start this mission very close to PLT/1 Abrihom. Immediately link your Space Bombs and dumbfire them at the PLT. Hit [J] to jump to your wingman's craft right away, so he doesn't fire his Space Bombs at the PLT. With your second craft, target the nearest enemy, a Z-95 from flight group Adam, and order your wingman to attack it. You can now fire all of your Space Bombs at the Platform, however, if you're trying for a Top Performance, you'll only want to fire one Space Bomb at the PLT, which is just enough to bring down its shields. Now you want to concentrate on the Z-95s. First take care of flight group Adam, which is protecting Abrihom and is attacking you. Don't forget to use your wingman.

Flight groups Baker and Casper will be attacking TIE Bombers from Delta. Order Delta to wait, target a Z-95 from flight group Baker and order your wingman to attack it. Head towards the Z-95s at full speed, lasers/shields at 0/0. The more bombers from Delta you can save, the more you'll have at your disposal later.

Once all the Z-95s have been destroyed, the situation should be something like this. Platform Abrihom should have 0% shields and a hull rating of around 95%. If any bombers from Delta have survived, they should be waiting for further orders. You'll want to order your wingman and TIE Interceptor group Alpha to wait, as they'll be patrolling right above the Abrihom and would get blown away if not ordered to wait. The FRG Implacable will be heading towards the Platform Cylus, and once it's in range will start attacking it. You have to move quickly. Head toward the Cylus at 0/0, full throttle, Space Bombs linked. Order the Mako to reload you while you're flying towards the Cylus, this way the Mako will follow you and it won't take you as long to reload. Dumbfire your Space Bombs at the Cylus once you get a good aim and reload. Attacking the Cylus will cause X-Wings from Red Squadron to arrive. Try to ignore them and dumbfire your Space bombs again. Red will be close by now, so try and run from them at full speed and order your wingman to attack them. T/I's from Gamma will also be attacking them. The X-Wings will eventually break and go after your wingman and Gamma, turn around, set recharge to 75/50 and go after the X-Wings.

When this threat is over, order your wingman to wait again. The Implacable will have destroyed the Cylus by now and will be flying 'round space. Reload your Bombs and start heading for Platform Bersabba. Dumbfire your Bombs, reload and dumbfire again. That should take care of PLT Bersabba and will earn you some more bonus points. There should now only be one more Rebel craft/object left, PLT Abrihom. This is the platform you have to destroy in order to complete the mission. Reload your craft and fire your Space Bombs at the platform. This will cause 2 X-Wings from Blue Squadron to launch. Order Alpha to proceed with mission [Shift+G] so they'll assist you in destroying the X-Wings. Once the X-Wings are destroyed, you should be over the 50,000 point mark, but if you're going for maximum points, you'll want to finish reading.

The destruction of all the Platforms has led to the arrival of the CRS Columbia. Its four Y-Wings from Red and 4 X-Wings from Gold will launch and target the Implacable. You have to move quickly. If your wingman is still alive, order him to attack the fighters, Alpha and Gamma will assist him. The remaining TIE Bombers will be targeting the Columbia. Dumbfire your Space bombs at the Columbia. Reload, fire. All in all you get 10 reloads, so you are allowed to miss. The longer you take, the more damage the Implacable is going to take though, so you don't want to take a lot of time. After the Columbia is destroyed, you can clean up the fighters for more points. Just remember, if the Implacable is near death, you might want to consider ending the mission. Using this method, the Author usually finishes with around 80,000 points.

Author:  Gabriel Leventhal ( Wolfman - Rogue Three )
Strategy: Gabriel Leventhal