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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT, Combat Engagement: Attack on Victory-Class Star Destroyer Formidable

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 1, A-wing Gold
Ship: Y-wing
# of Craft: 3 waves of 2
Armament: Mag Pulse (12)
Countermeasures: Chaff 

At mission start, order all Rebel fighters to wait for further orders. Drop recharge rates to 0/0 and move shields to aft. Target T/I Beta 2, when you are within 2.4 klicks raise laser recharge settings to 75/0 and transfer power from shields to lasers. When Beta 2 is within 1.8 klicks disable it and then target and disable Beta 3, then Beta 1. After Beta group has been disabled, order Rogue, Red and Blue group to head home, and target Alpha 2 leaving settings at 75/0.

When within range, disable Alphas 2,3 and 1 (or 3,2 and 1. Just don't fire on 1 until the other two are disabled). By now Rogue, Red and Blue have entered hyperspace and their replacement waves have entered the area, while all Imperial craft are targeting your ship or your wingman's. Again, order Rogue, Red and Blue to leave the area and target the nearest active Imperial fighter and disable it. More than likely, your wingman has been destroyed and your ship will have been by now as well.

With your new craft, order your wingman to wait again and target the nearest imperial. Running the same tactic you used against Beta and Alpha, disable Gamma and Delta. If during all this action GUN Tau is close enough, Mag Pulse both Tau 1 and Tau 2 and destroy them, there are no replacement waves for the GUNs in this mission. (Note: if anymore Rebel craft have entered the area, tell them to head home). Now you should have Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma disabled. Next, dumbfire the VSD using your Mag pulse warheads (should be about 10 by now) and when within range of the VSD, use toggle fire (press W key repeatedly) until the VSD is disabled.

Now position your ship just below the VSD's hanger bay and target your wingman and place him in memory location F5. Jump into your wingman's ship and quickly order the craft you have just jumped from to wait for further orders while placing it in memory location F6. Now in the craft you jumped in to, target Alpha 1 and destroy it, as well as Alpha 2 and 3. Quickly jump into the fighter located under the VSD and press F5 telling your wingman to wait for further orders and hit R key to target and disable the new imperial fighter arrivals from T/I group Alpha. When the 3 new T/Is have been disabled, go ahead and destroy them. Another (and last) wave of Alpha will launch, so just use the previous tactic of disabling and destroying them. When all of Alpha is destroyed, position your craft under the VSD again and jump back into your wingman's ship, again telling the craft you just jumped from to wait for orders. Target Beta 1 and destroy it as well as 2 and 3.

Repeat the same tactic that you used to destroy Alpha group, and destroy Beta, Delta and Gamma group using this tactic. When all 4 T/I group have been destroyed (note: there are 9 ships in each T/I group), go ahead and destroy the VSD while in your craft that has a full load of Mag Pulse weapons. When the VSD is destroyed your wingman (the one that has no more Mag Pulse warheads) will leave the area while an Imperial frigate will enter the area. Target and fire all your Mag Pulse weapons at the new frigate while destroying the one missile it will fire at you. When its weapons systems have been disabled, move in and use toggle fire to disable and then destroy the frigate. Mission accomplished and a Top Performance easily earned.

Author:  Josh Kinney (Hellcat - Rogue 8)
Strategy:  Josh Kinney