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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT Combat Engagement: Attack on Rebel Convoy near Athega - version 3

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 3, A-wing Gold
Craft:	X-wing
#Craft:	1
#Waves:	3
Armament: Concussion Missiles (8)
Countermeasures: None

The objective of this mission is to escort Corellian Corvette group Athega (11 ships) safely into hyperspace. For the objective to be accomplished 50% (6 ships) of the convoy must make it into hyperspace, thus completing their mission.

The initial threat to the convoy comes from Assault Gunboat Flight Group Tau. GUN Group Tau has 3 waves of 4 ships. Replacement waves arrive after each Gun is destroyed, not by wave. Also present in the engagement is TIE Advanced Alpha. Alpha has 3 waves of 2 ships each. Once again, replacements arrive after a single craft is destroyed.

At mission start set ELS to 0/0. Toggle closest enemy ship using the 'R' key and press 'T' to bring up Tau 1. Set Tau 1 and Tau 3 to memory. Reselect Tau 1. Once targeting HUD turns yellow, establishing a lock, set ELS to 100/50. Once targeting HUD locks send all 8 missiles at Tau 1. Select Tau 3 and kill with lasers, using shield energy when necessary to make lasers full power. After Tau 3 is killed press 'U' quickly to select Tau 5, set ELS to 0/0 and head straight for it. Once within 2 klicks of target (Tau 5) set ELS to 100/50, using shield power for full powered lasers. Kill Tau 5. Press 'R' to select closest enemy (Tau 7) and kill all remaining follow-up waves. After you kill Tau 11 set ELS to 100/100 and recharge shields and lasers. Head towards relative direction of GUN Tau entrance point and tell wingman to attack Tau 2. It might take a minute but once they kill it you are in place to kill the follow-up waves. With Tau 2 killed, your wingmen will attack Tau 4, eventually killing it. Once Tau 4 is destroyed your wingmen will head towards the new GUN's which are their primary target. Kill all of GUN group Tau (12). Set ELS to 0/0 and head for the closet T/A. Assign your wingmen to the other. At this time A-wing group Red will arrive (2 ships) and also help with dispatching the T/A's. After one is killed, a new one will arrive and it will be attacking the CRV's so you need not worry about being targeted. Once they are all destroyed hyper out for a new craft. You receive 5000 points for the destruction of the primary attack force.

Back into the fray with your second craft, set ELS to 0/0 and head for the lowest numbered CRV (should be CRV 4). You have about 3.5 minutes to stall until the CRV's enter hyperspace. Before you get to the targeted CRV the VSD Aggressor will arrive, right behind it will be the CRS Defiance. The CRS will send X-wing group Green (3 waves of 4 ships) to kill the VSD. Head at it at 0/0 targeting T/B group Delta when launched. Set T/B Delta 1 to memory position 'F5' and T/I Beta 1 to memory 'F6'. Re-select the bombers and head for them. Press 'F6' to bring up the Interceptors and turn towards at 2 klicks, get a lock and fire a missile (note, if you do not do this, you might be fragged by them, easier to avoid 2 instead of 3, but it really isn't important) Re-establish lock on bomber group Delta. And set ELS to 100/50 once you start to establish lock, shoot missiles at Delta 1, 2 and 3. Now is a good time to press 'E' to see if anyone has you targeted. If you keep these fighters busy long enough X-wing Green will have no problem killing the VSD. After the first wave of Bombers have been destroyed you can either kill the follow-up wave, or run. Either way you should have enough points to pass the mission with a Top Performance. 2500 points are giving for the destruction of T/B group Delta, and another 2500 points for the destruction of T/I group Beta. 10000 points are awarded after the destruction of the VSD.

Author:		Chris Stephen 	(Animal - Rogue Four)
Strategy:	Tony Marco	(Kid - Rogue Six)
         	Brennan Roth	(Rainman - Rogue Five)
		Chris Reynolds	(Jalb_k - Corsair Five)
		Chris Stephen