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Tactical Operations Briefing: Basic Tactics


This briefing discusses the various projectiles you can choose to use in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.

Concussion Missiles

A useful weapon against unshielded or damaged fighters. It lacks the punch needed to dispatch X-Wings, A-Wings, Guns, Y-Wings or TIE Advanced when used singly. It is also possible to outrun and can be easily spoofed by counter measures or shot down.

Advanced Concussion Missiles

A superior version of the Concussion Missile. It is faster, less easily spoofed and packs more stopping power. A single missile will destroy any craft at 100% shields except the Y-Wing and Gunboat. Should be selected wherever possible over the Concussion Missile.

Proton Torpedoes

The basic anti-shipping weapon, it is fairly slow but has enough stopping power to be used effectively on Freighters, Corvettes and Containers. Although they are not the preferred anti-starfighter weapon, they can be used effectively in dumb-fire mode if you are careful.

Advanced Proton Torpedoes

An improved version of the Proton Torpedo with improved speed and stopping power.

Heavy Rockets

Heavy Rockets are the preferred weapon against capital ships. Although slow they have excellent stopping power. When firing them be sure to go to maximum speed to improve the velocity of the warhead and therefore reduce time to target.

Space Bombs

While Space Bombs are the most powerful projectile, they have very slow velocity and standard load-out is small (usually at most four projectiles even in the Gunboat or Y-Wing.) Take Heavy Rockets instead whenever you can.

Mag Pulse

A special purpose weapon used to temporarily render an enemy ship's weapons incapable of firing. Useful in two ways: to stop Capital Ships from firing at you while attacking and to disable fighters harrassing a ship you need to protect. Have the speed of a concussion missile.