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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT Combat Engagement: Ambush Arm Smugglers near Yth'aac Cluster

Skill Level: Hard
Flight Group: (slot 1) Xwing Red
Craft: Awing
# Of Craft: 2
Waves: 2
Warheads: Advanced Torpedoes
Countermeasures: Chaff

When you start the mission, set your ELS to 0/0/100 and switch over to your torps and link them up. Your nearest target will be a gunboat from flight group MU. Fly towards him and take him out on the head to head with a pair of torps. You do not need to dumbfire your warheads in this mission. Quickly find your next closest target and destroy it with a pair of torps. Continue until you have depleted your supply of torpedoes and then jump to your other craft.

At this time, the two Assault Transports should be close enough for you to quickly get to them. Two torps should finish each of them off. Then find any fighters that are targeting the Cargo Craft. These are your next targets. Half of each Gun group is attacking the Cargo vessels, each has 2 craft and 2 waves. It is helpful to bring up your enemy target list (shift-f) in this mission, so you can pick out the guns attacking the Cargo Vessels. You don't need to worry too much about fighters attacking you. With your speed you can easily outrun them, and if they launch missiles at you, just drop a chaff.

Note that the easiest way to earn the Top Performance in this mission is to ensure that both of the Cargo vessels escape into hyperspace. If both don't, you will have to make up the extra points in T/A kills.

Once you have cleared the guns attacking the cargo vessels, you are free to mop up any of the remaining fighters. Assuming both cargo vessels make it to hyperspace, you will need one or two T/A kills to achieve the Top Performance.

Author:  Matt Houseman (Krayt, Rogue Seven)
Strategy:  Matt Houseman