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Tactical Operations Briefing: Imperial

XvT Single Player Exercise, Gunnery Training

Skill Level : Hard
Ship : Tie Advanced (T/A)
# of craft : 1
# of waves : 1
Armament : none
Countermeasures :none
Beam : none

Now, this is the easiest mission to successfully complete in the whole of XvT missions, even on Hard. But if you want to get a Top Performance, you'll have to sweat a little.

When you start, set your ELS to 100/100 and blast the container in front of you. Remain at 0 mglt. Now swerve a little to the right and blast the second container. Kill the rest of the containers while remaining at 0% throttle.

Once all of the containers have been killed, keep your ELS at 100/100 and head down towards the platform. Stay at a distance of at least 1.5km in front of the platform so that when the first Z-95 comes out, it will be heading strait at you or at a very slight angle.

Kill the five first Z-95s in succession, as they will come out slowly and not target you.

Next, five single Z's will come out and will target you. Once these five Z's are destroyed, a pair of Headhunter's will emerge. After this, a trio of Z's will emerge. And after that a quad group of Z's will come out. Eventually, you will reach the point where a full squadron will emerge from the hangar and soon after that ( without you killing them), one more squadron will exit the platform. When these two squadron are dead, two squadron's of X-wing will emerge in rapid succession. When these fighters exit the hangar you will have about 8 or so seconds to kill then while they are in the "Exit Hangar" mode.

At any point during this mission where you feel you are about to be overwhelmed, turn tail and head away from the fighters with your ELS at 0/0. Use the rabbit technique to kill the fighters following you. (Run away until you are 10 km away, turn around, recharge. Kill one or two fighters and then run away. Repeat.)

Usually, you will hit the 50,000 points when you have killed the second full squadron of Z-95s, which is a Top Performance.

You can continue using the rabbit technique to kill the X-wing squadrons, which will total your points to around 60,000 points.

Author: Marc Desrosiers ( Prowler - Buccaneer 5 )
Strategy: Marc Desrosiers