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Tactical Operations Briefing: Imperial

XvT Combat Engagement, Frigate Duel- Malevolent vs. Endeavor

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 1, T/I Alpha
Ship: T/A
# of craft: 4
# of waves: 2
Armament : Heavy Rockets (4)
Countermeasures: None
Beam weapon: Decoy

This mission is fairly easy to complete on Hard, but to get a Top Performance is a different matter entirely.

As soon as you start the mission, target the enemy FRG, the Endeavor, and set it to memory location F5 (press SHIFT + F5). Also set your LSB (laser, shield, beam) to 0/0/0. Hit [B] once and keep the beam on for a few seconds to send any fighters targeting against your wingmen. Select your rockets and fire them all as soon as you get a red lock on the Endeavor. Jump to you next ship and turn on the beam. Fire your rockets at the FRG as soon as you enter range. Jump to your third ship and do the same.

Without doubt, the FRG Endeavor will be destroyed with this many rockets targeting it, so if all you want is to complete the mission, then you can wait for the Endeavor to blow and then quit. If you want a Top Performance, then get ready to dogfight a little.

An extremely important part of getting the Top Performance is not letting any Rebel fighters escape to hyperspace, as this will rob you of many bonus points that may just give you the TP.

Now, in the fourth ship of your four-fighter flight group, order your wingmen to head home and then go after the Y-wings, as they are the main threat to the FRG Malevolent, your mission critical craft.

Use your rockets to kill them by dumbfiring one rocket at them at blank-point range. I like to set my LSB to 75/0/75 so that I'm flying very fast and that I still have my beam weapon available.

When the Y-wing are all destroyed, go after the Z-95s and then the A-wings. Turn on your beam at any time that enemy fighters are targeting you.

When all of the fighters that came from the FRG are destroyed, two X-wings from Rogue group will come out of hyperspace and will start a warhead run at the FRG Malevolent. Intercept them and make them go evasive by firing two quad shots at each of them. When you have killed one of the X-wings, an A-wing from Rogue group will enter the area and will target you. Try to kill the leftover X-wing before the A enters missile range. Then go at the A-wing and kill it. Two more X-wing will be targeting the FRG, destroy them quickly. Another A-wing from Rogue will be escorting these X-wings, so evade any missiles it shoots at you.

Another group of two X-wings and one A-wing will enter the area with the same objectives in mind.

When you have killed all of the fighters, a bonus title will be written as "All Rebel forces destroyed:100%."

This will give you a sizeable bonus and enough points to clear the 50,000 point mark.

Author: Marc Desrosiers ( Prowler - Buccaneer 5 )
Strategy: Marc Desrosiers