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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT, Single Player Exercise: Gunnery Training

Craft: Y-Wing (B-Wing if BoP)
# of craft: 1
# of waves: 1
Armament: none
Countermeasures: none

Author's note: This level is marginally easier if played with a B-Wing, but it can be beaten on Hard and get a Top Performance with a Y-Wing. This is because the B-Wing has 3 ion cannons, while the Y-Wing only has 2.

At mission start, set ELS recharge to full recharge level. Link laser cannon fire, then switch to ions and link fire. Switch back to lasers, and open fire on the target containers. There are 8 of them, and they are the only objects that need to be destroyed for a mission complete. Of course, there is more work to be done to earn a Top Performance.

Go to full throttle and cruise over to the platform. When first targeted, a specific wing is highlighted in the CMD. Fly towards that wing, and park yourself back a little bit from the edge, near the central portion of the station, facing out. Shortly thereafter, the station will start launching TIEs. These TIEs, labeled Mover, and not hostile, and circle to give you something to shoot at. Switch to ion cannons and fire a cannon-linked blast at Mover 1. This will disable it in one shot. Take advantage of this and shunt all power from your lasers to your shield system. Keep doing this until your shields are at 200%. This will assist you later. Once your shields are up to 200%, fire on Mover 1, and wait for replacements that come in. Disable them one-by-one, and then fire on them with lasers. Practicing this on the Mover TIEs will allow you to judge how to lead your ion shots while at 0%, and allow you to position yourself accurately over the platform. There is a maximum of 5 TIEs in FG Mover. For the destruction of Mover, you also get 5000 bonus points.

After another short pause, the platform launches hostile TIEs. Immediately after they leave the station, disable them, and use your lasers on them. If any of them should make a pass at you, disable it, and then let your shields recharge. There is a group of individual TIEs, labeled Fighter, which comes out, followed by a group of two (Duo), three, (Triad), four (Quad), and 5 (Quin). After the group of five is disabled then destroyed, a group of six (Hex) comes in. Disable them, then destroy them. The destruction of FG Hex should earn you 50,000 points (the points required for a Top Performance) or more. If for some odd reason Hex doesn't put you over the top, you'll have to face the next wave, Dodec. Dodec consists of two flightgroups of 6, Dodec1 and Dodec2 respectively. The destruction of at least one of the groups of six will put you over 50,000 if Hex did not. Feel free to quit the mission at any time and enjoy your Top Performance.

Author:  Damon Dellamarggio (Syntax - Corsair Lead)
Strategy: Damon Dellamarggio