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Tactical Operations Briefing: Imperial

XvT Single Player Exercise, Custom Dogfight

Skill level : Hard
Duty Roster: slot 1 (no wingman)
Ship: Assault Gunboat
# of craft: 1
# of waves: unlimited (on default)
Armament: Heavy Rockets
Countermeasures: none
Beam: Decoy

In this mission, the objective suggested to you by the briefing is to dogfight your way through dozens of enemy fighters to kill only a few critical fighters. To succeed this mission, there is a much easier way to complete it, all while getting a Top Performance.

When you start off, target any one of the containers with Rebel starfighter abbreviations written as their names.(Xwing, Awing, Ywing, Z-95) Destroy one container and target the fighter called Novice. (This will cause the arriving fighters to abort their mission and run for hyperspace.) In all of the fighters that will drop out of hyperspace, only the first wave of fighters called Novice is the mission objective. Kill the Novice, then destroy as many of the other fighters as they run to hyperspace.

Then kill another container with a Rebel starfighter name and kill the Novice craft that enters the area. Once all of the Novices are killed, you will have a successful mission. But to get a Top Performance, you'll have to become a bomber jock too.

Target the container called "Challenge" and destroy it. This will cause two CRVs from group Novice to enter the area. Get a lock on them and fire a dual rocket shot at them. Two rockets will kill a CRV. Then shoot down any missiles fired at you.

Next, a Strike cruiser named Officer will enter the area. Fire your remaining warheads at it and shoot down any missiles it fired at you. Then go to hyperspace for a new craft and a fresh load of rockets.

Finish off the STRKC and wait for the FRG to enter the area. Target it and fire your warhead load at it. Hyper again when you run out of rocket Once the FRG is dead, you will most likely have a score above 50,000 points, giving you a Top Performance. But if you want to get the maximum score possible, keep firing your warheads at the enemy capital ships that enter the area. (the last capital ship is a CRS).

When the capital ships are all dead, you will have a score above 100,000 points and a very elegant blue ribbon on your pilot file.

Author: Marc Desrosiers ( Prowler - Buccaneer 5 )
Strategy: Marc Desrosiers