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Tactical Operations Briefing: Basic Tactics

Beam Weapons

This briefing discusses the beam weapons available on Imperial craft.

Tractor Beam

The tractor beam whenlocked on a target ship renders it incapable of maneuvering. Useful when combined with missiles to stop your target from evading them.

Decoy Beam

The preferred beam weapon in nearly all circumstances, the Decoy beam renders you invisible to enemy sensors. When engaged it will break the missile lock of opposing fighters. Ocasionally try turning the beam weapon on for a second or two and many times enemy craft will stop targeting you. This is especially useful when you are engaging bombers and you need to avoid the escorts.

Jamming Beam

The Jamming Beam disables an enemy ships weapons. Useful in head-on passes so you can fire while your opponent cannot and to stop an attack run on a ship you are protecting.