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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT Combat Engagement: Dreadnaught Warlover Attacks Rebel Cargo Operation

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Red 4
Craft:  B-wing (2)
Waves: 3
Armament: Torpedoes
Countermeasures: Flares

As soon as you begin the mission, hit "Shift-S" for reinforcements. You will need every available fighter for this one! Set ELS to 0/0 and head immediately for the closest TIE Bombers. You will quickly need to reset to 75/0 as soon as you see their torpedoes launching. Shoot them down, then disable the bombers. Do the same for the second flight nearby. If there are any Interceptors pursuing you or nearby, quickly disable them. The Dreadnaught Warlover is easily within torpedo range. Dumb fire your torpedoes into it, then head back to your cruiser. You will have multiple TIEs on your tail. Use flares accordingly.

While you do this, you will receive a notification that TIE Advanced starfighters will begin to enter the system. Get your wingmen to attack them immediately! You should also be on your second B-wing, so move to intercept this first wave as well. As soon as one or both are taken care of, make a dash for the Warlover and dumb fire your second load of torpedoes. Then modulate your ELS accordingly and join the fighter screen for support. If you are lucky, your transport and container casualties will still be low.

You should by now have received a notification that the two cargo containers you need have been secured. This part of the mission is over; now you must protect your cruiser. If you have enough allies left, the Bombers should not be too much of an issue. Move to disable and destroy the Warlover (note: Y-wing Gold and your wingmen may also assist you here). If you find yourself overwhelmed by the remaining TIE Advanced and Interceptors, dash back to your cruiser and stay there. It provides excellent anti-fighter support. With any luck, you will soon have every Imperial ship in the area destroyed. Now just sit back and wait for your cruiser to make the jump to hyperspace.

If you had around a 62% recovery rate and destroy the Warlover, plus the fighters, this should push you to around 80,000+ points.

Enjoy your new Top Performance! (And a round of drinks in the Lounge - you'll definitely need one after this mission!)

Author:  Andrew Dobson (Dobber - Buccaneer 3)
Strategy:  Andrew Dobson