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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

XvT Combat Engagement, Protect Escaping Rebel Frigate V2

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 2, X-wing Green
Ship: B-wing (BoP), Y-wing stock XvT
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 1
Armament: Proton Torpedoes (12)
Countermeasures: None

You'll have to exit the hanger that the start of the mission. When Green 1 exits order your wingman to wait. Head to the side of the convoy where the cargo ferries are. You will shortly be joined by an Imperial Strike Cruiser, the Scylla. Immediately target it and launch all your torpedoes. The Scylla will quickly launch waves of TIE Bombers and Interceptors with three craft each. Move to disable the bombers and shoot down what torpedoes you can, then disable the Interceptors.

By this time, the YT transport Outlaw will have finished docking with the Rehz'nor and begin to attack the fighters you disabled. New waves will launch from the Scylla. Disable these. Eventually, the Outlaw will make the jump to hyperspace and leave you with the opportunity to disable any remaining fighters. Be careful, however, as the cargo ferries are well in range to destroy disabled TIEs.

Order your wingman to make attack runs on the Scylla while you join in shortly thereafter. As soon as the shields are down order your wingman to disengage while you disable the cruiser. Once this is done you can order your wingman to wait while you dispose of the remaining TIE waves. Shortly after this, three gunboats from Tau Squadron will enter the system. Depending on where your wingman is, you can order them to join you or continue to wait safely for a little while. Regardless, you need to move quickly as the VSD Triumph will enter the system and launch a wave of six new TIE Bombers, so having a wingman go after Tau Squadron can be helpful.

At this point, the Rehz'nor can survive the first wave of bombers if you have yet to disable the gunboats. You should then move to disable and destroy the remaining first wave a Bombers. A second wave will launch, and you need to intercept these immediately. It might be important to note that the Rehz'nor will be or will have already made the jump to hyperspace, thus winning the mission. Oddly enough, the TIE Bombers will not know what to do and wait where they are. Destroy them and their other two successive waves while being mindful of the Triumph's laser fire. With the new squadrons of TIE Bombers finally destroyed, this should push you above 50,000 points. Head back and destroy the Scylla as well as any remaining fighters that are disabled, which should elevate your score above 67,000 points.

A new wave of gunboats will enter, and you are welcome to try to take them out. This pilot, however, much preferred to get back to headquarters for some R&R - and to be awarded with a new Top Performance!

Author:  Andrew Dobson (Dobber - Rogue 3)
Strategy:  Andrew Dobson