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The 39th New Republic Training Squadron is Renegade Wing's training unit, composed mostly of green pilots still needing some seasoning before achieving active duty status. Nicknamed the Raiders, they fly mostly the X-wing for training, though they have two-seater training variants of the A, B, and Y-Wing as well. The nature of their existence is for training only, though theoretically they could be deployed in a pinch in only the most dire of circumstances. Their motto is:

Excellence in Execution

Wing Leadership resides in Renegade Wing Headquarters Element, Renegade Flight

Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Raider Leader Happy Squadron OC NPC
Raider 2 Geek   NPC
Raider 3 Unassigned    
Raider 4 Unassigned    
Raider 5 Beast Squadron XO NPC
Raider 6 Ugly NPC
Raider 7 Unassigned    
Raider 8 Turbo   NPC
Raider 9 Tails Training Officer NPC
Raider 10 Shifty   NPC
Raider 11 Mother   NPC
Raider 12 unassigned    
Squadron Spacecraft

Raider flies the X-Wing starfighter, however has assigned a small complement of each other type for training purposes.

  • 12 Incom T-65C-A2 X-Wing Starfighters
  • 2 Dodonna/Blissex RZ-1T A-Wing Starfighters
  • 2 Slayn and Korpil B-Wing Starfighters
  • 2 Koensayr BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighters


Halls of Honor
  • Click here to see the honours awarded to members of the CRS Vigilant.










Captain Maddic "Happy" Chread

Officer Commanding Raider Squadron

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Pilot Training.
Attached to Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, Regis.

Technical Specialty Training Strategies
Combat Specialty Squadron Tactics
Side Arm Standard New Republic Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Caf spiked with any alcohol
Physical Description Human-Theelin hybrid male, short horns on either side of his head and vibrant, long purple hair with a few white streaks at his temples from age. Mocha skin coloration, and good physical shape for his age. Age: 58 Standard Years, height 1.7 m, weight 80 kg.



Maddic was the last of three kids born on Hosko in Hutt space. His parents were sharecroppers indebted to the Hutts. When he was old enough, he struck out to try to help the family make money to pay off their debts to the Hutts. Maddic ended up initially working as a mechanic on a space station over Circumtore. While there, he became a competent starship mechanic.

Maddic found himself moving smaller ships and fighters around hangars and between ships. He found he enjoyed flying. Maddic started looking for any excuse to fly, to the point his work started to suffer. In response - or coincidence - his boss decided to train Maddic to be a backup pilot for his racing team.

Maddic spent the next decade or so racing in circuits across hutt space and the outer rim. While not the greatest racer, he was a good pilot with some impressive wins. Though some of the prestige was marred by rumors of race fixing, though nothing was ever confirmed. Maddic didn't care at the time. He'd paid off his parent's debt and was still rich and fairly famous

The Techno Union thought he was good enough to hire as a test pilot. He remained in their employ for years testing fighters and being a baseline for droid fighter intelligences. Maddic was well paid for doing what he loved. He continued to work for the Techno Union through the Clone War. He hadn't been fond of the corruption of the Republic and found particular purpose in his work.

After the war, Maddic found himself helping train fighter pilots for planetary militias. The Empire that replaced the Republic turned out to be worse. Unlike the Clone Wars, where the Separatists were a large coalition to push back against the Republic, the Empire had no such foil. All of the pilots he was training would be taken apart piecemeal by the Empire. Eventually he'd hear news of just that. Planets falling under the Empire's might. Whole squadrons of his students: gone. Their deaths changed Maddic.

For the first time since he'd left home to earn money to free his parents from the Hutts, Maddic had found something that inspired him to action. The rebellion had just destroyed the Death Star and Maddic believed that they could stand up to the Empire. He just had to be a better pilot, warrior, and most importantly teacher.

Maddic became a rebel. He continued to fly, teaching new recruits, and eventually leading green squadrons into their first fights. After Endor, he continues to train pilots for the New Republic aboard the Vigilant. He's no longer the arrogant, aloof racing pilot, but instead a stern teacher who wants to make sure his students know how to survive.









Trainee Harket "Geek" Morten

Raider Trainee Two

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Pilot Training.
Attached to Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, Regis.

Technical Specialty Software Programming
Combat Specialty Encyclopedic Tactical Knowledge
Side Arm DL-18 Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Extra Strong Caf
Physical Description Rodian; Male; 18yo; Light build; 76kg; 1.6m; Green skin; dark blue eyes.


Coming from a poor family on a backwater planet in the mid rim, Harket was determined from a young age to escape the cycle of poverty and find success. His natural intelligence got him far and he graduated at the top of his class. He continued into higher education where he pursued engineering and eventually used his skills to earn himself a scholarship to a naval program that was used as a recruiting agency for the Starfighter Corps of the Rebellion. As he came of age, the New Republic rose up from the flames of the Rebellion and became a competing force for power in the galaxy. With this move came a larger influx of recruiting. Keen to find anyone talented to take on, the New Republic's officials selected Harket for their accelerated training program, unaware that his high accreditation came from purely theory.

Placed under the command of a leader who couldn't stand to throw him into a cockpit due to his lack of tangible experience, he found himself placed on the backburner eternally. What missions he was selected for had little to no danger, and most of his time was spent studying battle tactics. During a simple escort mission, his squadron was ambushed by a squadron of Imperial Fighters paired with a light cruiser. His encyclopedic knowledge of obscure formations and techniques in the field of battle allowed him to assist his squadron to safety, barely alive. He had finally earned the respect of his lead, however his actual flying skills still needed vast improvement.

Looking to keep his best interests at heart, his superior had him transferred to a less high-octane squadron operating within the Renegade Wing Task Force. Here he was assigned a new astromech droid - R4-LX - who he nicknamed Lex, short for Lexicon.










Captain Retzel "Beast" Ugget

Raider Five- Executive Training Officer

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Pilot Training.
Attached to Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, Regis.

Technical Specialty Simulator Mission Creation
Combat Specialty Squadron Tactical Maneuvering
Side Arm Standard Alliance Issue Blaster
Favorite Beverage Spice Runner (hard cider)
Physical Description Abednado Female, Age 43, height 1.9 m, weight 91kg. Tan skin with wispy white hair on the sides of her head and cheeks, black eyes, one sensory tendril is noticeably shorter than the other.



Retzel was something of an anachronism, being one of the few females of her species to take up arms directly against the Empire early in the age of the Rebellion. While her species was common across the galaxy and known for their gregarious nature, she found that her notoriety as a female warrior and the barriers she had to fight through to advance had soured her disposition greatly.

Still, she conducted herself well and did things the "right" way; holding her frustrated anger in check and only chafing privately at the unfairness she felt she had to deal with within the ranks of her fellow Abednedo resistance fighters. Still, promotions and recognition were slow in coming her way.

A chance encounter while attempting to run an Imperial blockade led to her falling in with a small rebel cell transiting the system. Her flashy maneuvers in an embarrassingly old Barloz-Class freighter caught the eye of the rebels, and they provided key aid at the last moment to help her ship escape.

In need of a talented pilot, the cell asked her to join. Being tired of fighting her way to the top of the male hierarchy of the warrior caste of her species, she jumped ship and joined the rebel cell as their strike and escort pilot. She took to snub fighter piloting even more quickly than she did piloting medium freighters

Her eye for tactics and surprising maneuvers landed her a series of fast promotions as the rebel cells coalesced before the battle of Endor. While she wanted nothing more than to join the fight at Endor and end the Empire, she was held back to continue training pilot recruits. Taking this as another in a long line of slights against her due to her sex, she still remained professional and accepted the position.

After months of training pilots, the track record of her pilot graduates' survival rates caught the attention of recently promoted General Vince "Stryker" Rambo. In need of a capable training officer for their recently revived Renegade Wing training squadron, he pulled all the strings necessary to get her assigned to that posting.

A no-nonsense trainer with an aptitude for simulator exercise coding, she brings a wealth of information and a deep well of patience to teach all manner of cocky or unruly cadets. Her survival rates will be put to the test, as there aren't many dull moments for Renegade Wing pilots.










Trainee Proonefaak "Ugly"

Raider Trainee Six

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Pilot Training.
Attached to Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, Regis.

Technical Specialty Scouting, Geurilla Tactical Planning
Combat Specialty Evasive Maneuvering
Side Arm Monitizer S-195 (black)
Favorite Beverage Moonshine (no matter the quality or ingredients)
Physical Description Dresselian Male, Age 29, Solid build, Weight 90 kg, Height 1.83 m, Hairless elongated head and golden eyes, Tannish-brown skin with extra wrinkles along his forehead than normally associated with his species, additional facial scarring along his cheeks.



Proonefaak hailed from the planet Dressel. He was given the nickname Ugly for the wrinkled features of his species, but among his own people he was considered less attractive than normal. From birth, his people were constantly at war with the Imperial forces on their planet. The Imperials occupied the planet before the Dressellians were able to advance their technology to a more industrial level, which seemed like an easy walk in the park for them to strip whatever resources from the planet they pleased.

What the Imperials hadn't counted on was the extremely adaptable nature of the Dressellian species and their ability to understand and utilize advanced technology whenever they captured it. As such, Imperials quickly found their own weapons, vehicles, and armor being used against them while they attempted to pacify the tenacious species.

Adept at taming and riding the various beasts of his planet, Ugly often led small raiding parties to capture supplies and technology. He also grew quite proficient in planning and executing ambushes during this stretch of his life. During one such ambush, his prized Cracian Thumper was killed by a retaliatory artillery strike as the ambushers were ambushed in turn.

While Ugly survived with minor scarring that made him even uglier, his sorrow at the loss of his beloved mount ate at him. He did a brief stint with the Selldu Rangers, learning that he had an affinity for riding the flying beast native to his homeworld, but he ultimately couldn't bring himself to form a deep bond with another mount knowing he could and probably would lose it too. Unfortunately, this ended his time with the beastial cavalry unit he'd run with as well as the Rangers. Not wanting to sit out the rest of the war though, he wanted to take the fight to the Imperials in the galaxy at large in the hope of stopping them from occupying and dominating all worlds in the galaxy.

He hitched a ride to the Rebel Alliance with the likes of famed Dresselian commandos Orrimaarko and Lokmarcha, he attended the briefing onboard the Home One with a heavy heart at the loss of the latter just before the fateful fight on the forest moon of Endor. He distrusted the human General Solo they put in command of the mission that his compatriot Lokmarcha would surely have led, but went along anyway and helped rally the primitive Ewoks during their surprise counter attack, feeling right at home amongst the more primitive race battling against the technologically superior foe.

After that battle was won, he found himself missing the feeling of riding a beast into battle once again. He met a few pilots during the massive celebrations on Endor and was intrigued by the stories of the metallic contraptions that they flew into battle. He put his name forward for pilot training, and after an initially steep learning curve learning the basics of flight and the controls, he was a natural.

During flight school, Ugly excelled at evasive maneuvers thanks to his intuitive feel of piloting a craft, gained from years of learning how to read his beastial mount's signals. If anything, snub fighters were easier because the gauges and screens outright told him what the problem was rather than having to listen to labored breathing or feel a hobbling gait. As such, he was usually one of the last pilots alive during simulated exercises against superior foes, and had an uncanny ability to fix and limp his damaged ships out of the area. This gave him quite the reputation for having unmatched survivability among his peers.

Ugly is initially distrusting of other species, having fought alongside mostly his own species for most of his life. However, once he gets to know his compatriots, he becomes fiercely loyal. Unfortunately, his gruff demeanor doesn't lend itself well to leadership positions where he expects newer personnel to distinguish their worth before taking them under his wing for added support.

More often than not, Ugly can be found among the mechanics and support staffers as he attempts to sate his thirst for knowledge of technologies not available on his homeworld. His penchant for stealth movement often leads to him surprising people as if appearing out of nowhere.










Trainee Vorsk "Turbo" Lo'daan

Raider Trainee 8

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Pilot Training.
Attached to Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, Regis.

Technical Specialty Deflector Shield upkeep
Combat Specialty Precision ordnance deployment
Side Arm Standard Issue DH-17 Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Green Tea
Physical Description Male Bothan, age 20, muscular, 100 kg, 2 m, chestnut brown fur, violet eyes.


Born on Bothawui, Vorsk led a fairly normal life and enrolled into the Bothan Military Academy as soon as he was able.

Due to being bizarrely large for a Bothan, a fact that spurred false rumours about having a Wookiee family member, he excelled at many of the physical aspects of his training in addition to showing an above average aptitude for piloting.

However his trusting and friendly nature made him ill suited for the lifestyle and tasks many Bothans consider important, and he was often slow to pick up on deception and manipulations which earned him the nickname Turbo. Typically he didn't mind and took some pride in standing out from the others even if his teachers considered him a failure.

Despite the derogatory nickname Vorsk was by no means slow witted, he simply excelled in more mechanical areas rather than espionage.

After Endor he happily applied to the New Republic military hoping to find a place where his skills would be appreciated and to meet as many new friends as possible.










1st Lieutenant Rokara "Tails" Dene

Raider Nine, Remedial Training Officer

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Pilot Training.
Attached to Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, Regis.

Technical Specialty Remedial Skills Education
Combat Specialty Strategic Coordination
Side Arm DH-17 Blaster
Favorite Beverage Dantooinian Wild Herbal Tea
Physical Description Gran Female, Age 35, height 1.5 m, weight 75kg. Pink skin with blue eyes, one antenna missing.



Shortly after Rokara was born on an unknown planet to unknown parents, she was given to the foster system where she was placed in a home on the planet Malastare. Over the years many other children joined her, however by that point she was several years older than them. Due to living in abject poverty, many of these children had received no education and were disadvantaged as a result. Rokara had scrounged several learning resources, and after teaching herself, taught the children at the home.

This love for helping others achieve their potential remained when she was old enough to leave the home and joined the Rebellion. She was recruited by a foster home employee who chose children coming of age and gave them a chance to have a purpose in life by fighting evil. Upon leaving, she promised herself and the younger kids that she would return to give them a chance to escape the poverty cycle, just as she was being given that opportunity.

Her talent for flying was soon discovered when she made friends with a fighter pilot at her base who allowed her a turn in the simulator, where she showed surprising skill for a person with no experience. She was then transferred to the role of fighter pilot, where, due to her ability in dogfighting, she earned the callsign "Tails".

She fought for many years in Halcyon Squadron, where she honed her dogfighting skills further and became a force to be reckoned with both during simulator runs against her comrades, and in the heat of real battles. After feeling she had achieved all she could as a fighter pilot, she requested to fill the open position of 3rd in command of the training squadron, as her passion for helping others achieve their full potential still burned brightly and her temperance is a good balance to the generally gruff and demanding Captains Chread and Ugget.










Trainee Se'ah "Shifty" Maey'Lees

Raider Trainee Ten

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Pilot Training.
Attached to Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, Regis.

Technical Specialty Street Skills, pick pocket, confidence games, grifting, etc.
Combat Specialty Utilizing vulnerabilities
Side Arm Sniper Rifle or Holdout Blaster
Favorite Beverage Anything with a stimulant included
Physical Description Female Bothan, 1.4 meters tall, 55 kg with light brown fur.



Se'ah was born on Bothawui, and like her father Thram Shen'ryu, born into a very powerful military dynasty. Wisely using their wealth, they were able to continue living in luxury while others suffered at the hands of the Empire.

Se'ah didn't develop the individual drive and ambition that was practically expected of all Bothans, and this enraged her Father. Her empathy for others created a lot of tension in her family, and once it was clear that she wouldn't provide any boost to her father's popularity by way of her personal accolades, he cut her off from everything.

Left on the streets, she was forced to grow up quickly and learn how to survive. She was a mediocre street thug as a burglar or pick pocket, but her skills in persuasion, and piloting became very helpful getting her out of sticky situations.

Eventually her luck ran out however, as she ran one too many grifts and was caught by the local authorities. She was given the choice of prison time or enlistment. She decided to do time in prison as it felt like the safer of the two, and she could talk her way out of almost anything. She was surprised when she got off the transport and was at a rebel facility.

She was forced to take part in basic training and when finally given a choice of what she might be good at she chose pilot. The flying program washed out the highest percentage of volunteers, but with the alternative being a front line troop, she applied herself and graduated as a flight officer. Sometimes she even follows orders.










Trainee Wungiannidaaakk "Mother"

Raider Trainee Eleven

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Pilot Training.
Attached to Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, Regis.

Technical Specialty Tinkering
Combat Specialty Hand to Hand Combat
Side Arm Katarn Claw for CQB and a Long Rifle for everything else
Favorite Beverage Garrmorl
Physical Description Female Wookiee, 2.4 m tall and 115 kg. Covered in gray hair with white running from her chin to her torso which looks like a beard.



Wungi is the daughter of the Chieftain of the "Evge Mum" (or Katarn Claw) tribe. They are famous throughout Kashyyyk for taming the wild Katarn and riding it into battle. From an early age she was captivated by the dangerous and majestic beast and wanted to ride it into battle with the elite Katarn Riders. Traditions would say otherwise however, and she would be forbidden to join the male only warrior class, and instead prepare for marriage.

She tried hard to resist this tradition, placating her handlers during the day, and discretely researching everything she could about the wild Katarn at night. Her father didn't have the heart to tell her it was not possible, and provided even secret tribal knowledge of the traditional method with which a Katarn Rider needed to track, tame and train the beasts to become a successful team.

As she approached her 12th life day, she pleaded with her father and anyone else who would listen to remove the male only requirement for the hrrtayyk Test of Ascension and the ability to be a warrior. This act of dissent brought her before the leadership council where her father was required to publicly reprimand her for causing such a stir within the tribe.

She left that meeting so distraught at her father's rebuttal that before he could return she had gathered a few supplies and left. Telling no one of her plans, she would secretly perform her own Test of Ascension and return with a Katarn mount. The tribe would only be able to marvel at how she could accomplish such an amazing task and surely invite her to be a part of the Riders.

The hunt for a Katarn was more difficult than anything she had imagined. She wasn't so naive to think one would walk up to her and submit, but she had lost track of how long she had been on the trail. Her latest quarry seemed to be playing with her, and she was exhausted. The books taught techniques and theory but not how to adapt or prepare for this. As she sat high up in the trees and accepted her defeat, she began to sing. It was a turn her mom had taught her when she was little and it was meant to soothe and relax. She soon fell fast asleep.

When Wungi returned to the tribe, it was not with celebration, but of anger. She was a natural leader, and the tribe council saw a threat to their traditions and power. They exiled her, and made her father deliver the message in front of the whole tribe. Before being sent away in shame with only what she was carrying, her father spoke of her greatness and that he was sorry that he had failed her. He gifted her with his ancestral Katarn Claw, which he had attached to a necklace and put it over her head. With that act, the tribe turned away from her, and she was on her own.

Inspired by her leadership, or tired of the old traditions, many left with her. Uprooting their lives to form a new tribe, a new family. The new tribe was called "Tobuck Evge" or Song of the Katarn. They had a hard life ahead of them. They had left the safety and knowledge of the old tribe to start anew.

The new tribe was not out on their own for long before they fell victim to Imperial supported Trandoshan slavers. The commander of the Imperial ISD in charge of organic resource procurement wanted a trophy, and what would be a better way to show your superiority than to have a Wookie as a servant. He purchased Wungi, and the surviving tribe as well for incentive for her to behave. She knew their pain was her fault and she would do what it took to protect them and find a way to get back home.

Teaching his new prize how to be a domesticated servant, Captain Chova Zenn was proud of his new prize. While she was not accustomed to the hard labor of the tasks, she was familiar enough with the roles she was learning and was a quick study. It was her knowledge of language that provided the spark she needed to escape.

She was serving the Captain a meal with the leaders of the Slavers when she overheard them talking about her in their native tongue. There was nothing new about their view about her, except when they dropped that it was a shame the rest of her people we too weak to be slaves and had to be killed.

Enraged by the news of her family's demise, she broke free from her binders using her Katarn Claw necklace, and tore through the ship's security personnel and the Trandoshan guests. She was fortunate to time her escape with an attack by the Han Solo and Chebacca led task force to free the Wookie people. As she flew off the hanger deck of the ISD Predator, she could see the incoming fighters and took solace in the fact that they would pay for what they did.