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Skull Squadron is Renegade Wing's Fleet Defense Element, composed mostly of pilots with Imperial backgrounds. Skull fly mostly the X-Wing in Interdiction and Defense roles and X and Y-Wing in the Superiority role depending on the operational need. Despite the Imperial backgrounds of most of the roster, they are thoroughly trusted by the naval personnel they are responsible to defend. The other Renegade squadrons may get the flashier mission profiles and accumulate all of the public accolades, but without the stalwart defensive posturing Skull provides there might not be a Vigilant Task Force to return to. Their motto is:

Honor is strength

Wing Leadership resides in Renegade Wing Headquarters Element, Renegade Flight

Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Skull Leader Scythe Squadron OC NPC
Skull 2 Nails   NPC
Skull 3 Unassigned    
Skull 4 Crossbones   NPC
Skull 5 Unassigned    
Skull 6 Unassigned  
Skull 7 Rattrap    
Skull 8 Kaadu    
Skull 9 Unassigned    
Skull 10 unassigned    
Skull 11 Poker   NPC
Skull 12 Joker   NPC
Squadron Spacecraft

Skull flies the X-Wing and Y-Wing starfighters, however has assigned a small complement of A-Wing variants for specialized interception missions.

  • 12 Incom T-65 A2 X-Wing Starfighters
  • 3 Koensayr BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighters
  • 3 Dodonna/Blissex RZ-1 A-Wing Starfighters


Halls of Honor
  • Click here to see the honours awarded to members of the CRS Vigilant.










MAJ Alexander "Scythe" Tane

Officer Commanding Skull Squadron

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Fleet Defense.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Logistics and Paperwork
Combat Specialty Interdiction and Component Targeting
Side Arm Heavy Blaster Pistol built into cybernetic arm
Favorite Beverage Brandy
Physical Description Human male, bald (shaved), upper right portion of head replaced with metal cybernetic implant, one blue eye (left) one red cybernetic eye (right). Right arm is fully cybernetic. Tanned, weather worn skin. Age 39 standard years, 1.78m tall, 77 kg.



Alexander hailed from a noble family on Kuat. Growing up, he lived in luxury and wanted for nothing. His education was the best credits could buy and his status would have allowed him to pursue any vocation he desired. However, being the third son, he was unlikely to ever inherit his family titles and duties. Not wishing to live an idle life or one where things were handed to him for his name, he enlisted in the military as soon as possible.

He excelled in the Academy and graduated into the new Empire's TIE fighter squadrons. Serving faithfully, he worked his way through the ranks and eventually earned command of his own unit of elite pilots: Reckoner Squadron. Scythe, as he had become known, and the Reckoners spent most of their career acting as pirate hunters on the outer rim.This was a duty he took great pride in as most pirates were dangerous agents of chaos who preyed upon the weak and helpless. Protecting such people was the true reason he served and the best way he could make a difference in the galaxy.

As time progressed however he began to notice that the so-called "pirates" he was tasked to hunt down were becoming less aggressive and more likely to flee without a fight. At first he arrogantly assumed that the sight of his unit and their command ship was enough to strike fear in the hearts of his enemies.This was only partly true as the majority of targets now seemed to be unarmed transports carrying medical supplies, food, and tools. On occasion they would find smuggled munitions, but the profitable cargoes most pirates dealt in seemed few and far between.

Doubts about the nobility of his orders were taking root when the Reckoners were tasked with eliminating a pirate stronghold. Intelligence claimed the target was heavily fortified and trafficking in slaves, but the initial recon flybys revealed what was little more than a shanty town tended by a handful of rundown freighters and transports.This incongruity caused Scythe to let his guard down allowing one of the outpost's few defenders to target him with a portable missile launcher. The projectile impacted the hull of his cockpit and forced him to make an emergency crash landing despite severe injuries. He likely would not have survived had his wingman not disobeyed orders to retrieve him aboard a TIE Reaper. Even then his recovery took months and required large parts of his body to be replaced with cybernetics.

Then Alderaan happened and the cracks in the Empire's facade shattered open. revealing it was not the bastion of honour and order he had sworn to protect. Eventually, after much discussion with his pilots, he led a mutiny and defected with the support of his men. The Rebellion saw no reason to split the unit up, which allowed them to maintain a high efficiency but stunted their ability and willingness to eschew many Imperial tendencies. The former Reckoners, led by Scythe, use their skills to help circumvent the kind of tactics they had once used in the Empire's service.









CAPT Fess "Nails" Astrada

Skull Two

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Fleet Defense.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Intimidation
Combat Specialty Space Superiority and CQC
Side Arm Her fists, her fingernails, and NR Service Blaster
Favorite Beverage Only water
Physical Description Human female. Muscular. 1.73 m tall. 36 years old. White hair in cornrows. Gray eyes. Dresses neatly. Burn scars on her neck, back, and hands, which have been partially masked by tattoos.


Fess refuses to talk about her childhood, but it is generally assumed her white hair is a result of the trauma she suffered at the hands of her family, given that she went to prison at age 16 for murdering both her parents and her brother. The courts on her home planet of Thyferra were ready to lock her up and throw away the key, but an offer was extended at the eleventh hour.

Enlisting in the Imperial Navy was originally a means of reducing her sentence, but once she landed in the Reckoner Squadron, she found a family she'd never had before.

During shore leave, someone slipped a sedative into her drink, but before the guy could take her from the bar, her commanding officer, Major Alexander "Scythe" Tane found her. With the Reckoners in tow and the locals protecting their own, the situation quickly escalated to a raging brawl that set the bar on fire. Attempting to rescue the nearly unconscious Fess, Scythe passed out from oxygen deprivation. Despite the drugs, Fess came out of it enough to crawl on top of him to protect him from the fire until the others save them.

She, nor he, will ever forget that day.

To this day, she never drinks anything but bottled water, so that she can taste anything that might have been added. Pity the being that attempts any funny business, as she had her fingernails replaced with detachable metal nails. One set is sharpened and said to be able to slice easily into durasteel.









2nd LT Mia "Crossbones" Desik

Skull Four

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Fleet Defense.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Scavenging and Cooking
Combat Specialty Shock Assault and CQB
Side Arm NR Navy Service Blaster
Favorite Beverage Anything fizzy
Physical Description Human female, dark black hair, light tan skin and blue eyes; 26 standard years old; height 1.67 m, weight 54 kg


Mia Desik hails from Ord Mantell. She was forced to become a scavenger at a very young age to survive. Her father was a scrap merchant, and her mother was a space pirate who died in a botched heist when Mia was six years old. She later found out a business associate had sold her mother out, and she swore she would get even. The only memento she had to remember her mother by was her black flag emblazoned with a skull boasting cybernetic implants, floating above crossed bones.

She didn't want to follow in her mother's footsteps, but she liked the idea of space travel, and of fighting. One day she came across an Imperial Navy recruitment flyer, and she decided that was her ticket out of there. The flyer mentioned a recruitment outpost on a nearby planet. Mia decided to save up as many credits as she possibly could before her coming of age in order to afford the trip.

Unfortunately, one of the local gangs caught wind of this, and on a fateful day when her father wasn't home, mugged her and stole her money. She put up a fight, but there were too many for her, and one of the thugs slashed at her face with a vibroblade, cutting a deep wound across her left eye. That experience changed her, and hardened her. When she found out the same business associate that sold her mother out was the leader of that gang, she dedicated all her time and energy to hunting them down—the bastards who flew under the flag of the vulture. She committed the image of that flag to memory and got to work.

Her father, who caught wind of all this, had a heart-to-heart talk with Mia. He had been saving whatever credits he could for years, because he wanted her to have a better life. He asked her to stop her crusade, and, in return, he would provide the credits for her to travel to the academy and join the Imperial Navy. Mia, concerned for her father's well-being, refused at first, but he assured her everything would be okay.

Mia's fire impressed the Imperial Recruiter, who figured she could serve among the infantry. The aptitude test, however, revealed she had a knack for piloting ships, and she was transferred to the TIE Corps academy to begin her training.

Years later, Mia had become an accomplished Bomber pilot. Her official designation was Beta 5, but her fellow pilots always called her Crossbones due to the flag she kept in pristine condition in her quarters. She liked that, and she kept it—even going so far as using it as her official callsign. Her superiors didn't approve, but also never pushed the issue. She did her job well, and that was enough for them.

When reports came in that a warship with a vulture logo emblazoned on its side came in, Mia was the first to request to be included in the mission. Her superiors were surprised that she would take such an unimportant mission, but they allowed it. When all was said and done, Mia had 13 confirmed starfighter kills, and had played a major role in the destruction of the pirate frigate Zelles. The ship's captain was none other than the target of her revenge plot. She relished the screams as the pirates begged for mercy as they cooked inside their own warship.

After the destruction of Alderaan, Mia was dismayed. She had been sold on Imperial forces being the peacekeepers of the galaxy, but the outright murder of billions of civilians to snuff out a Rebel cell was too much for her. At the first opportunity, she took her Bomber and her flag, and deserted. After pledging her services as an escort for an old junk hauler in return for passage to other systems via their cargo hold, she eventually found a rebel cell and convinced them that she aimed to defect.

Many tense months passed as she was forced to turn over her TIE Bomber and was essentially without any bargaining chips. However, with the need for pilots in the rebel starfighter ranks always high, she was eventually allowed to fly on scouting missions and other probationary missions that were either not important or kept her out of a position to do harm if she was a deep plant meant to bring them down from within. After a long and boring year passed in this manner, she had finally gained the trust of her new peers and was fully welcomed into the ranks for full fledged combat missions where she performed admirably.

Mia eventually found her way into Skull Squadron. Her ability to wipe out starfighter squadrons with a bomber armed with multi-lock missiles is short of legendary-as much as the dishes she cooks every now and then. Something her squadmates appreciate a lot.









2nd Lieutenant Krassk "Rattrap"

Skull Seven

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Fleet Defense.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Infiltration
Combat Specialty Weapons Operation
Side Arm Mechanical Jaw and Cybernetic Arm with multiple hidden tools and weapons
Favorite Beverage Trandoshan Hit
Physical Description Trandoshan Male. 1.77m, 68kg (undersized for a Trandoshan). Albino - Cream colored scales and pinkish red eyes


An outsider if there ever was one, Krassk has been looked down upon for as long as he can remember. It doesn't help when you're an undersized albino Trandoshan and can't live up to your family's or people's expectations. Despite this, Krassk has made a name for himself over the years – especially with his work for the Rebel Alliance, now the New Republic.

His size and speed make him the perfect infiltrator. He can splice any console or network system better than the most seasoned veterans. He also has a knack for being able to infiltrate and extricate himself from any Imperial facility well before anyone realizes he's been there. This doesn't mean that he's not armed to the teeth – literally.

He always ensures that he has the latest gadgets and appropriate offensive and defensive weapons, ranging from smoke bombs, thermal detonators, vibroclaws, a cutting laser, not to mention a variety of others depending upon the mission. The rare direct encounter with Imperial or security forces don't end well, and many unsuspecting victims have found themselves missing a limb or a few pounds of flesh – if they survive his steel jaw.

This has led many to nickname him “Rattrap”.

When not performing covert missions for the good of the New Republic, Rattrap is part of a U-wing support team, acting as the ship's side-door gunner. He's a crack shot, and has racked up his fair share of kills for both enemy troops and vehicles, including a TIE Fighter or two. Recently he's gone through New Republic piloting training, and is eager to try out his new skills.

Most New Republic personnel give Rattrap space due to his prickly and confrontational nature. The few humans and aliens he does trust, though, are his closest friends who he'd do almost anything for.









Flight Officer Varra "Kaadu" Ceel

Skull Eight

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Fleet Defense.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Navigation, Shield Modification
Combat Specialty Hit-and-run Tactics
Side Arm Cesta, Boomers
Favorite Beverage Dark'n Stormy
Physical Description Otolla Gungan Male, 23 years old, athletic “swimmer's” build, 70 kg, 1.84 meters tall. Red to coral skin, large yellow eyes, one haillu (ear) torn at the end. Almost always wearing a necklace of various-sized fish teeth.


Varra Ceel was born on Lamareed, in the multi-species colony called Bartyn's Landing. His forefathers had emigrated there from Naboo, lured by the promise of riches - and possibly running from the brand of exile. The Gungan immigrants worked the planet's plentiful seas, becoming fishermen and sub-oceanic miners scattered around the world's islands. There were disputes with the Mining Guild, the planetary officials, and a resilient local species, but those ignored Varra, and he learned how to operate the family's fleet of repulsorlift surface craft as well as their submarine bongos.

Until the Empire came.

Almost overnight, life changed. The galactic government crushed the local populace under exceedingly higher taxes and tariffs, replaced the Mining Guild's local oversight with a new, more brutal leadership organization, and occupied the planet with troops and spies, rooting out and crushing any whisper of resistance. Ceel's family went from hard-working middle-class to scrambling to hold on to the scraps.

Then his sister, Veena, got caught up in an ISB security sweep and just…disappeared.

The family was stonewalled at every turn trying to find her. Days became weeks, became months. Varra's mother died, overworked and heartbroken for her daughter; his father's health started failing. With nothing left to hope for, Varra managed to make contact with a rebel cell who he'd heard whispers about in the Landing, and they confirmed the worst - Veena had been executed, along with two dozen others, in an ISB trap for possible dissenters.

It was too much. Varra's father, realizing he would never leave Lamareed, gave his son all the meager money the family had saved and begged him to leave, to find a better life somewhere away from their home. Varra took his inheritance and agreed, knowing that his better life would be somewhere he could fight back at the monstrosity that had ruined his family. He left Lamareed and immediately joined the Rebellion.

Varra's experience in a bongo submarine cockpit translated well to the cockpit of a starfighter, and Varra was quickly given the callsign “Kaadu” in honor of the swift hit-and-run tactics he preferred that mimicked the sudden arrival of the Gungan calvary in the history books. He has also been working with his squadron technicians on adapting the advanced Gungan shield technology to the Republic fleet, but hasn't been quite successful on that front so far.

Varra is a laconic, laid-back individual who buries most of his emotions very deep. He enjoys singing the traditional sea shanties his father taught him, and most of the time remembers to not do that over an open com while in the cockpit. Outside of flight operations, he can be found working on his fighter's shields or going through various training exercises with his cesta. He favors hit-and-run tactics, feeling that sudden overwhelming violence is usually the best course of action for combat.









2nd LT Zander "Poker" Pokri

Skull Eleven

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Fleet Defense.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Flight Instructor
Combat Specialty Air and Space Superiority
Side Arm Collapsible shock baton and NR Navy Service Blaster
Favorite Beverage Black caf
Physical Description Human male. Fit. 1.83 m tall. 32 years old. Dark hair in a military cut. Clean shaven. Brown eyes. Dresses neatly.


Zander and his best friend from school, Breg Mangalla, dreamed of adventure and excitement. Growing up on Fondor, they decided to join the Imperial Navy together.

Once they graduated from the academy, they were given assignments that separated them immediately. Zander quickly learned military life was not as glamorous as the recruiters made it out to be. He didn't regret becoming a pilot, and he took well to the disciplined routine, but he occasionally disapproved of their methods. He also found himself very alone without his friend and never felt like opening up and making new friends was a good idea.

After years of focusing on his flying skills, he rose to the rank of Major and was given command of Dicer Squadron, one of the early adopters of the TIE Defender. His first act was to requisition Breg into his squadron. They flew together for years. While Zander never grew attached to the rest of Dicer, he made a fair, if stern, leader who pushed his men to excel.

After the loss of the second death star, and the ratification of the New Republic, Dicer fell under the command of Grand General Kenner Loring. While Loring planned to ambush the Vigilant and other vulnerable New Republic ships, the New Republic stumbled upon the staging ground and destroyed the would-be ambushers. Only a few of the Dicers scrambled in time to escape the destruction, and one two of them survived: Zander and his wingman, Breg.

They were both captured. While never fully happy with the Empire, Zander had never considered defecting because he believe the New Republic was even worse. During his interrogation by then-NRI-officer Major Rosk "Silence" Vikeron, he changed his mind and agreed to defect.

After serving a probationary period as a flight instructor, Zander eventually curried enough favor to get himself and Breg transfered to the Vigilant, where Silence had also been posted.









2nd LT Breg "Joker" Mangalla

Skull Twelve

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Fleet Defense.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Ice breakers (Team Building)
Combat Specialty Space Superiority
Side Arm NR Navy Service Blaster
Favorite Beverage Sports Drinks
Physical Description Human male. Fit. 1.78 m tall. 30 years old. Brown hair in a military cut. Clean shaven. Green eyes. Dresses neatly.


Breg grew up with a single father on Fondor. His mother rejected the responsibilities of motherhood after his birth, and his father, who had talked her out of an abortion, agreed to raise the kid by himself.

Breg, wanting to make his father proud, enlisted in the Imperial Navy with his best friend, Zander Pokri. The were split up after graduation and soon after that, Breg's father passed away. Alone, Breg tried to cope through humor, but the more he saw of the Imperial Navy's methods, the less he liked it. Unable to talk about his misgivings for fear of punishment, he often considered desertion.

After a few years, Zander rose the ranks to gain command of Dicer Squadron, and he pulled Breg into the unit as his wingman, as they had envisioned when enlisting. After being reunited with his friend, Breg decided it was better to suffer with Zander than to desert and be alone again. For fear of disappointing Zander, he never showed his discontent with the Empire.

After the loss of the second death star, and the ratification of the New Republic, Dicer fell under the command of Grand General Kenner Loring. While Loring planned to ambush the Vigilant and other vulnerable New Republic ships, the New Republic stumbled upon the staging ground and destroyed the would-be ambushers. Only a few of the Dicers scrambled in time to escape the destruction, and one two of them survived: Zander and his wingman, Breg.

They were both captured, but Breg suffered severe injuries during the attack and fell into a coma for weeks. It wasn't until he woke up that he found out Zander had already defected to the New Republic. Breg happily followed suit. Together again, they transfered to Renegade Wing, where they were assigned to the Skull Squadron.