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Sabre Squadron Logo
Sabre Squadron are the watchful guardians of Renegade Wing. Be it close space combat support, search and rescue, or covert ground troop insertions, Sabre has the willpower and know-how to get the job done properly. Sabre is a U-Wing only element, meaning only the best of the best support pilots earn their berth in the squadron. Divided into three flights with different specialties, each flight element are experts in their arena of operation. Mainstay flies into the thick of things to support the other squadrons in battle. Mercy flight goes into hazardous conditions to recover EV pilots. Mayhem flight focuses on inserting commando teams behind enemy lines.

Wing Leadership resides in Renegade Wing Headquarters Element, Renegade Flight

Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Sabre Lead Bulldog Mainstay One Lore Master
Sabre 2 Silence Mainstay Two Squadron XO
Sabre 3 Unassigned Mainstay Three
Sabre 4 Unassigned Mainstay Four
Sabre 5 Zippy Mercy One Training Officer
Sabre 6 Tattoo Mercy Two
Sabre 7 Barraken Mercy Three
Sabre 8 Hyl Mercy Four
Sabre 9 Shadow Mayhem One Lore Officer
Sabre 10 Rev Mayhem Two
Sabre 11 Hellcat Mayhem Three
Sabre 12 Unassigned Mayhem Four

Squadron Spacecraft

Sabre Squadron fly the U-Wing starfighter support craft exclusively however, Mercy Flight has Telgorn M/ATR-6 Assault Transports at their disposal for Comabt SAR operations in contested space.
  • 12 Incom UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft
  • 2 Telgorn M/ATR-6 Assault Transport (SAR)
Halls of Honor
  • Click here to see the honors awarded to members of the CRS Vigilant.











Major Andy "Bulldog" Clark

Sabre Lead - Mainstay 1
CO's Commendation

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Combat Tactic Analysis
Combat Specialty Medic
Side Arm RSKF-44 Heavy Blaster
Favorite Beverage Whyrens Reserve
Physical Description Human male, Age 38, heavy build, Weight: 135 kg, Height 1.9 meters, Brown Hair (balding), Brown eyes.

First Place - Spectre Capital Ship Challenge - 4:12
Record Holder - Spectre Capital Ship Challenge - 3:55
(carried by Dragon)

First Place - Buccaneer Capital Ship Challenge - 3:59
Record Holder - Buccaneer Capital Ship Challenge - 3:59
(carried by Dragon)

First Place - Sabre Capital Ship Challenge - 7:57
Record Holder - Sabre Capital Ship Challenge - 7:40
(carried by Dragon)



As a young man growing up in public starfighter simulators, Andy got fairly proficient behind the stick. He often challenged his classmates to duels within the confines of virtual space, winning far more than he lost. Tactics came naturally to his youthful brain in cyberspace, and he often tried many new things in the duels that he took pride in seeing his peers using in subsequent tilts. His prowess led to him being bullied outside of the simulators by the more vicious and physically imposing peers that couldn't win in the cockpit. On top of building his flight skills and tactical studies, the frequent beatings he took led to him becoming pretty adept at treating minor injuries to reduce the physical marks left behind.

His father was a mildly successful independent spacer, often gone for weeks at a time doing runs to keep their middle-class lifestyle flush with credits. However, this time away also had the downside of his father never realizing his love of flying or his skill behind the stick. So his father continued to be gone for weeks at a time, leaving Andy with little supervision and ample means to get into trouble. This led to a party boy lifestyle that went unchecked throughout his adolescence. The beatings continued, as the bullies that couldn't beat him in virtual battles also couldn't compete with his reputation with their female peers. They still took pride in getting to him in the only way he couldn't best them. By this point, however, Andy was into too many illicit substances to really feel the beatings or care that they continued to happen.

On his 18th birthday, Andy's father gave him a modest loan with the intention of him buying his own ship to join the family business. The sum was large enough to buy a very advanced freighter, with his father dropping a heavy hint that he should purchase a lightly used YT-2000. Instead, Andy opted to purchase a heavily used YT-1200 and used the balance of the loan for some aftermarket modifications and ample amounts of alcohol.

The moment it was fit to fly he christened the ship 'The Dalliance', and his father brought him fully into the family business. They began running shipments for the highest bidders. As time went on and credits continued to flow in, Andy continued to find more creative ways to blow his share of the profits, sampling all the delights from the sectors of the galaxy they visited. On the rare occasions trouble arose during a run, the two Clark men were more than capable of bloodying the noses of any pirates hazarding a run at the pair of surprisingly well-armed freighters.

For more than a decade, they continued to rake in the credits, and Andy found more ways to immediately blow his earnings. Much to the chagrin of his father, who had hoped his son would be more than capable by now to handle the family business and let him retire.

One fateful day, a pirate attack had surprised the pair and put them into a defensive running light battle. An Imperial patrol arrived and immediately provided aid. In an unfortunate series of events, one of the pirate Z-95 Headhunters was clipped by one of Andy's aftermarket auto-canons and it collided with a TIE Fighter that was rendering aid. Immediately, the Imperials turned their guns on the father and son and started pounding their shields.

At the most dire instant in the battle when both men were sure they would die, a rebel strike force of X-Wings and Y-Wings hypered into the system and fell upon the Imperials with reckless abandon. The Victory-Class Star Destroyer was crippled, allowing the two freighters to escape. They were fed coordinates by one of the rebel pilots, saying that their cargoes were needed by the Rebels. Not being in a position to say no, they acquiesced to the request and followed the fighters to their base, which happened to be on the abysmal ice planet Hoth.

While freezing their backsides off in the base and having their cargoes picked through by the rebels, a general alarm went up. The Imperials had found this new base and set up a blockade, with a ground assault sure to follow. Their freighters were immediately commandeered by the Rebel Alliance, needed by the ragtag fighters to evacuate. They were thankfully allowed to pilot their own craft, but they had to carry rebel personnel and the supplies they had just given away off the ice planet.

The two men were cleared to leave together without fighter escort, as the majority of rebel fighter pilots were throwing themselves in a futile gesture against the Imperial juggernaut AT-AT walkers in little more than a box with weak blaster cannons. To this day, Andy still doesn't understand why the rebels didn't use their X-wings on the battlefield. These craft surely had the punch to destroy the Imperial ground forces.

The planetary Ion cannon fired behind them and drilled the Star Destroyer in their exit vector, disabling it. It didn't, however, stop the swarm of TIE Fighters from angrily harassing them. A piece of TIE Fighter debris from one of Andy's kills collided with his father's engines, disabling him. Andy watched helplessly as the remaining TIEs swarmed and destroyed his father's ship. Anger welled up inside of him, and he wheeled his ship about despite the numerous protests of the rebels he was charged with ferrying to safety. He cut through formations of TIEs, his ship shuddering with each laser blast. Alarms wailed, but still he pressed on in his rage-blind revenge tour.

Once there were no TIEs left, he saw a rebel medium transport being harangued by more Imperial fighters. He charged in with guns blazing, clearing the transport's exit vector. The transport's pilot radioed that their nav computer was damaged and they needed to slave their ship to his to make it to the new rendezvous point. Unable to leave these people dead in the water with no hope of escape, he relented and slaved his destination to theirs and left the scene of his father's grave.

While offloading the supplies and personnel he carried off Hoth, the rebels in the other transport thanked him profusely for saving their lives. One had called him a Bulldog for being so tenacious in his pursuit of TIEs. A passing fighter pilot heard the comment and suggested he try his hand at being a fighter jockey. Andy had nothing but revenge in his heart and immediately took the pilot up on his offer. He sold his freighter to the Rebellion at a modest discount, and never looked back.

He spent the first year of his tour as a Rebel stationed on a backwater planet with minimal action. In the few light fights he did participate in, he distinguished himself well and earned a promotion, which was quickly revoked after Andy became inebriated and got into a scuffle with his timid commanding officer. He was busted back down to Flight Officer and transferred to Corsair Squadron, onboard the Mon Calamari Cruiser Liberty, where more action was there to be had and it was hoped that this increased action would provide more focus and purpose to the angry pilot.

For every step forward in the rank ladder, he always seemed to take a larger step back with his conduct outside of the cockpit, frequently being put up on discipline charges and spending many nights sleeping off a bender in the brig. Somehow, though, he was given a promotion to 2nd Lieutenant and it managed to stick through the battle of Endor, where he miraculously survived and earned another promotion to 1st Lieutenant and a move to Buccaneer Squadron onboard the new Renegade Wing flagship, the CRS Vigilant.

What changed? Not a thing. He's still a hard-drinking snub jockey with a hard-on for vaping Imperials in any way possible, legal or not. He's been known to take a run at disabled fighters to give them the release they deserve in his eyes, taking joy in the thought of them feeling the same helpless fear that his father did when they immolated his disabled ship at Hoth.













Captain Rosk "Silence" Vikeron

Sabre & Mainstay 2 - Squadron XO

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Droid maintenance, Intelligence
Combat Specialty TBD
Side Arm Vibroblade, spanner, DC-15A blaster carbine
Favorite Beverage Caf
Physical Description 175 cm, 63 kg; black hair, pale skin, blue eyes; 28-year-old human female


Born on Coruscant, Rosk excelled in school and landed a quality assurance job at Arakyd Industries soon after graduating. Scrupulously upholding production standards got her promoted into the final inspection role of the KX-series security droid line, ensuring the stability and compliance of each droid's programming.

One of Arakyd's research teams experimented with a medical droid line, but when this project got shut down, the spare memory cores got recycled back into the manufacturing line of the KX. The memory core, while wiped and reprogrammed, still retained vestiges of medical droid programming when it arrived for inspection.

After a second wipe failed to eliminate the anomaly, policy dictated Rosk send the memory core to be destroyed. Instead, she smuggled the memory core out of the facilities, an act which got her charged with treason for stealing classified military property.

She fled to the sanctuary of her estranged half of the family-Rebel sympathizers living on Alderaan. It didn't take long before she decided to join their cause.

The Rebellion quickly accepted her offer to assist with droid maintenance. Within a short time, necessity pulled her into repairing ships, and later, flying supply vessels. With a bit of flying under her belt, her officers wasted no time drafting her into a combat role.

Mismanagement and personnel shortages got Rosk promoted to Wing Leader before she had sufficient leadership experience. A skirmish with Imperial forces resulted in the destruction of Rosk's squadron only a week before Yavin, leaving Rosk badly injured and mentally devastated.

Rosk made it out of the bacta tank days after the Battle of Yavin, but she had no one to celebrate the victory with except the ghosts of the mates she'd failed. When her officers tried to reinstate her, she refused, requesting a demotion instead. Unwilling to grant this request with such a shortage of people, they transferred her laterally to a non-combat role in intelligence.

Over the years, she cobbled together a body to house her contraband KX memory core. With limited resources, she managed to add repulsorlifts and other modifications to a salvaged R2-D2 astromech head. The droid suffered a few quirks from the wipes it had been through, but it retained enough medical and security programming to still function in both roles to a limited degree.

The feminine medical bot personality "Doc" and the masculine security droid personality "Jobber" constantly bicker like an old married couple and frequently complain about being stuck together on one memory core.

Her new unit in Alliance Intelligence gave her the name "Silence" because she tends to observe quietly from the background until she's confident of the situation. She also answers to "Si" and "Rosk".

With both Imperials and Rebels in her family, having lived both on Coruscant and Alderaan, Rosk has well-rounded insight of both factions that made her a valuable interrogator. However, shortly after the Battle of Endor, Doc insisted Rosk come to terms with her past, and Jobber insisted she face her fears. Despite having misgivings, she agreed with their logic and applied for a position in Corsair Squadron.

















1st Leiutenant Ikurrece "Zippy" Ojima

Sabre Five - Mercy One, Search and Rescue

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Short/Vertical Takeoff and Landing - Amphibious (S/VTOL-A)
Electronic Systems Flight Engineering (ESFE)
Combat Specialty Search and Rescue (SAR) Pilot , Electronic Warfare and Countermeasures (EWAC) Officer
Side Arm BGL-77 blaster
Favorite Beverage Chilled Tihaar
Physical Description Pantoran male, mid-forties, 1.77m, 68kg, blue skin, short purple hair and moustache, yellow-golden eyes, no tattoos.


Ikurrece Ojima, a follower of the Old Mandalorian Faith was born on Nal Hutta in 40 BBY. He was raised in austerity, the last scion of a proud Pantoran military bloodline driven long ago from Pantora for their conversion to the Mandalorian faith. He was raised in the firm, regimented embrace of a family which had for a fistful of generations resided on Concordia as part of a small Pantoran Mandalorian enclave. Members of this devout, insular community lived by the six ancient tenets of the Mandalorian creed while secretly keeping both the martial and democratic traditions of Pantora alive among themselves. His parents, both veterans of the Mandalorian Civil War, fled to Hutt controlled space after the defeat and exile of their faction by the New Mandalorian government in ~BBY42. Followers of the true Mand'alor, Jaster Mereel, they took heed of his mandate that the only honorable professions left to true Mandalorians were that of mercenary or soldier. Flying their now surplus Kuat Drive Yards AIAT/i gunship ruefully named, "Pantora's Pride", Ikurrece's parents soon landed on their feet finding work as mercenaries in the employ of minor Hutt bosses throughout Hutt space: never staying in any one place long.

Ikurrece grew up in the compartments and stowage spaces of the enormous amphibious gunship as his parents smuggled contraband weapons and fellow mercenaries into and out of various secluded marshes, swamps, lagoons, coves, and fjords across the Outer Rim for the Hutts. His mother, the pilot, began teaching him to fly the AIAT/i in simulators starting at an early age. In his teens, he successfully completed his training on the embedded atmospheric and space flight simulators of the AIAT/i, passing all the Pilot training scenarios loaded into the unit by the Old Mandalorian Navy. Thereafter, he would occasionally take a shift in the Pilot seat of "Pantora's Pride" as needed during routine, low stakes flight operations. His father, one of the three gunners on the original combat crew, taught Ikurrece about deflection shooting techniques and other tricks of the gunnery trade. His parents shared the duties of instructing him in close combat drill as neither was a specialist. Both did their best to instill in him the true Mandalorian ethos underpinned by their unique Pantoran heritage.

Encouraged by his parents to join the Republic Navy at the beginning of the Clone Wars, Ikurrece enlisted in 22 BBY at the age of 18. Due to manpower shortages in the Republic Navy, exceptionally qualified pilot candidates could take abbreviated basic training and flight training courses followed by Officer Candidate School to expedite the replacement of pilots lost in combat. After finishing training in late 21 BBY, Ensign Ojima was deployed to the Outer Rim flying in a Search and Rescue (SAR) squadron as the Co-Pilot of a Rothana Heavy Engineering LAAT/i gunship specially modified for amphibious SAR operations on aquatic and marshy worlds. He continued in this role until being promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and becoming the Pilot of his own SAR LAAT/i-a shortly before the conclusion of the Clone Wars and subsequent reorganization of the Republic Navy into the Imperial Navy in 19 BBY.

His career in the Imperial Navy continued with more SAR postings along the Outer Rim flying his LAAT/i-a until it became obsolete and was replaced by an amphibiously modified Seinar Fleet Systems TIE/rp-a dropship that came with a long overdue promotion to Lieutenant. The dissolution of the Imperial Senate in 0 BBY forced Lt. Ojima to spend some time considering whether his oath, originally given to the Galactic Republic, Senate, and Navy, still bound him to the Galactic Empire and Imperial Navy. He concluded that it did not and deserted the Imperial Navy in 1 ABY stealing his TIE/rp-a during his last skirmish as an Imperial starfighter pilot. On his way out of the contested star system, he received a Rebel emergency beacon signal. At risk to his own escape from pursuing Imperial forces he rescued the crew of a downed Y-wing; returning them to their taskforce and offering to fly for the Rebellion.












2nd Lt Namieh "Tattoo" Calyse

Sabre Six - Mercy Two, Search and Rescue

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Medic, Rescue/Extraction
Combat Specialty SAR Pilot, basic CQC
Side Arm BlasTech Industries DL-44 pistol
Favorite Beverage Merenzane Gold
Physical Description Mirialan female; 172 cm; yellow skin; red hair; blue eyes; black geometric facial tattoos; late twenties


Born on Mirial, Namieh's early life involved a great deal of tradition and religious studies. As the only child of Mirialan diplomats, she was raised with high expectations looming ever over her head and rarely lingered in one place long enough to establish connections. Generally keeping to herself she lived a lonely, but productive existence dedicated to her schoolwork. When she was accepted to the prestigious First Republic Medical Academy of Coruscant at a young age, she received no praise - it had simply been expected of her.

Her years at the Academy proved to be difficult, thrilling, and engaging. Away from her overprotective parents, Nami was finally free to make her own choices for the first time. She reveled in it, made friends, found rivals, made a few bad impressions, and fell in love for the first time - all of which she still looks back on fondly as the best part of her life.

After The Clone Wars, everything changed. The University of Coruscant altered their policy on acceptance, ousting all non-human students from their programs. Namieh was devastated, her dreams crushed before she could graduate. In one fell swoop, she lost her housing, her classmates, and the future she felt she had been destined for. Mustering the courage necessary to break this news to her parents, she reached out to them for help only to receive the news via hologram call that they were dead. Like many casualties in the war, their deaths were senseless. Namieh acquired her first facial tattoos with some of the last credits to her name, adorning herself with the geometry for sorrow, loss, and anger. She could feel nothing else.

When at her lowest, she found sanctuary within The Rebellion like many other strays. Adopted into their ranks, her medical training became invaluable. The fresh tattoos on her face were often the first thing one noticed about her and it quickly earned her the moniker "Tattoo". When she showed an aptitude for piloting during first flight lessons, her talents were naturally aimed toward Search And Rescue operations where she began to excel. In this she could serve the men and women she would come to call family, lending her talents to saving those the universe had thrown the worst at.











Captain Moggaz "Barraken" Murg

Sabre Seven - Mercy Three, Search and Rescue

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Code Slicing, Data Analysis
Combat Specialty SAR, Electronic Warfare
Side Arm Standard-issue A280 blaster rifle
Favorite Beverage Water, Kaf, Cola (in varying quantities)
Physical Description Quarren male, 1.83 m tall, 90.7 kg, age 42 standard years


Moggaz Murg was one of the few Quarren who was closer to the Mon Calamari at the time of the Clone Wars and was enslaved among them at the Empire's rise. He came into the company of a pair of bounty hunters, who he learned most of his skills from by quiet observation while biding his time for his chance at freedom.

That time would come shortly before the Battle of Yavin, when rumors of an Alliance against the Empire began circulating. One of those rumors involved an outpost on Dantooine, and, when a chance assignment took the bounty hunters close to the system, Moggaz saw his opportunity. He hijacked the first space worthy vehicle he could find and took off for Dantooine. The attempt did not escape the notice of his masters, however, and a chase ensued. Somehow, Moggaz proved better than his bounty hunter captors and destroyed their ship, which caught the attention of the Rebel commanders present at the base.

Seeing the need for starfighter pilots and Moggaz's natural talent, the Quarren was assigned to accelerated pilot training, accompanying the force when the base moved to Yavin. However, Moggaz was not quite ready for combat at the time of the Battles of Scarif and Yavin. Murg did graduate a couple of standard months later, serving admirably until a strange neurovirus affected his dominant hand to the point of his removal from combat status. Moggaz then shifted duties to Search and Rescue. He helped find many missing pilots and was rewarded for it and his previous combat duty by being assigned Fleet Liaison attached to the CRS Vigilant task force during the Endor operation. Being a student of Alliance history has served him well in this role.

It is rumored that an experimental targeted form of bacta is being tried on Moggaz, which has resulted in improved use of his dominant hand. Speculation has been running aboard the Vigilant that he may take a run in the simulators soon to see if a return to combat status is possible.

Moggaz has a couple of interesting side hobbies. He has been known to enjoy a night of rumble pins every so often. Also, his voice has been described as more beautiful than most Quarren and is often demonstrated when he shows up at the SSD's karaoke system.











Hyl in the hangar bay with Zeesix
1st Lieutenant Rafael "-Hyl-" Costa Guerra

Search and Rescue

Squadron Citation Ribbon Silver Sunburst

Current Assignment: Search and Rescue.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Liberty.

Technical Specialty Inteligence information gathering
Combat Specialty SAR, Combat Extraction
Side Arm DC-17M Repeater Variant
Favorite Beverage The "Outer Rim"
Physical Description Human male, age 26 standard, 1.74m, 73kg, dark hair, dark eyes, short facial hair


Rafael "Hyl" Guerra was born at the small settlement of Surabat on planet Batuu. During the proclamation of the First Galactic Empire, Hyl's parents decided to join the ascending administration, allowing Hyl to leave the outer rim. His father was one of the research assistants and his mother a laboratory technician on a research vessel. After three years, approximately 16 years BBY, the program was cancelled and all top research personnel ended up reassigned to a different, undisclosed research facility.

When Hyl was 22, his family and eight other former research staff members decided to defect from the Empire in protest against the projects they were working on and made their escape in a stolen shuttle. An Imperial shuttle with stormtroopers docked with their ship, but an Alliance task force arrived to help. A commando unit boarded the ship, taking them all prisoner. After several days of being detained and a lot of interrogations, they were released by the Alliance but all decided to stay and help the Rebellion. Hyl started at the Academy and after one year of training at the Rebel training facilities and on the Flag Ship Independence, Hyl applied to Corsair Squadron and was granted his commission. At this point, his parents were working together as alliance research assistants.

Hyl joined the Rebel Alliance because, as a pilot, he could be a useful tool against the evil Empire (more useful than following the steps of his parents as researchers, in his opinion). He applied to Corsair squadron because he could live with and learn from the most qualified pilots in the alliance, Rogue Squadron.

Ever since, Hyl read the Hoth debriefing report describing Rogue's fight against the Imperial walkers (AT/ATs), he has been honing his skills in the hopes of someday becoming a Rogue member. Still with more experience in the simulator than in real ships, Hyl increased his skills quickly and had a strong contribution to Corsair Squadron.

-Records Update-

After having served with distinction in Corsair Squadron, Hyl suddenly requested a transfer out of a space combat unit. The details of what led to this request for a transfer are known only by a few Alliance personnel. The Alliance rumor mill has it that Hyl witnessed the death of an Imperial pilot on a close head-on flyby during the [CLASSIFIED] Operation and Hyl believed the Imperial to be an old acquaintance of his that he helped kill in combat. Alliance Medical Staff believe that Hyl has suffered from a severe emotional distress known as "Laser Shock" following this incident, but at this time cannot confirm due to his inability to discuss this alleged incident. Shortly after this incident Hyl requested an immediate transfer away from combat duty and volunteered to put his talents to use in the position of Search and Rescue.

Now a member of Sabre Squadron, Hyl believes that this position now best suits his intelligence gathering talents and support flying skills. With his droid - Zeesix at his side -HYL- believes he can find a missing or captured pilot anywhere in the galaxy.















Captain Conall "Shadow" McKenna

Sabre Nine - Mayhem One

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Stealth/infiltration
Combat Specialty Close quarters (armed /unarmed)
Side Arm Twin vibro hand axes
Favorite Beverage Ale/Beer
Physical Description 26 year old human male. 5'10". Short dark hair, clean shaven, fair skin and green eyes. Relatively slim build, muscle tone often hidden by his flight suit.


Raised in the woodlands of Toprawa by his grandfather, former Antarian Ranger Adair McKenna, after his parents went MIA on a supply run. Adair passed on his survival, infiltration and combat training when Conall came of age, noting that his aptitude for going unnoticed made him like a shadow.

Eventually Conall and other like minded rabble rousers would participate in escalating raids on local Imperial outposts, stealing supplies and classified information when they could.

Shortly after the destruction of the Death Star Imperial retribution was swift forcing Conall to flee his Homeworld, using his contacts he was able to connect with a larger rebel cell and, based on initial promising scores, applied for starfigher training leading to his initial assignment to Red Squadron.

Shadow occasionally comes across as almost two different people, on duty he is is serious, straight to the point and pragmatic, often questioning various tactics in order to refine them as much as possible. This direct attitude often translates into his flying, trying to end each engagement as soon as possible. To him in war the ends often justify the means.

Between missions however he is relaxed and gregarious, enjoying his down time as much as he can either engaging in social activities or utilising any fitness facilities the squadron has access to in order to keep his non-pilot skills sharp.

Notable skills if his include: Piloting, recon and infiltration, close quarters combat. Basic field medic training.












Captain Kell "Dragon" Arcfire

Rogue 10 - Tactical Officer

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified].
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Navigation / Welding
Combat Specialty Hand to Hand Combat / Marksmanship
Side Arm Dual DL-44 Blasters, Bekkerian Claw-Knife
Favorite Beverage Zherry Soda / Water
Physical Description Human male, age 41, black hair (shaven head), height 6'2", weight 165 lb, grey eyes

Record Holder - Spectre Capital Ship Challenge - 3:55

First Place - Buccaneer Capital Ship Challenge - 3:59
Record Holder - Buccaneer Capital Ship Challenge - 3:59

First Place - Sabre Capital Ship Challenge - 7:57
Record Holder - Sabre Capital Ship Challenge - 7:57


Kell Arcfire was born in Coruscant to a middle-class family. His father was a shipyard welder, and his mother owned two restaurants: the Sky Forge, and the Starfighter's Respite. His favorite uncle, Louie Mone, was a pilot. Kell had a fairly happy childhood, filled with heroic stories and action holos. He earned the Dragon nickname when he chose to stand up to a group of bullies that were beating up a kid he didn't know. Kell thought this was wrong and unfair, so he glared at the bullies and roared. The roar was so primal and loud that the bullies decided not to find out if the little newcomer could actually put up a fight or not. James Cross, the kid he saved, told Kell he sounded like a dragon. The two became fast friends, but lost contact a few years later, when Kell joined the Imperial Navy.

Kell wanted to become a pilot due to his love for the fictional stories he grew up with, as well as the desire to emulate his uncle Mone. His parents were proud of his decision, and supported him all the way. Upon successful completion of the application process, he was shipped to Outpost D-34 in the Javin Sector to begin his training and career as a TIE fighter pilot. Kell was never the best pilot in the fleet, nor a hotshot type, but he grew into a dependable flyer. This dependability earned him the recognition of his superiors, and was soon initiated into the Secret Order of the Emperor for going above and beyond the call of duty. After fighting in many fronts and sorties throughout the years, Kell reached the upper echelon of the Secret Order of the Emperor. To this day, the tattoo of the Order still adorns his left arm-both as a memento and a reminder. Kell soon began receiving special black-ops assignments, where the strategic deletion of installations and individuals became his day-to-day. These top-secret missions became more brutal as time went by, and always considered civilians expendable. This didn't sit right with Kell, who began to question the direction his path was taking. He kept moving forward with both eyes open.

During the hunt for the Nebulon-B2 frigate Reckoning, a Rebel vessel that had been a veritable thorn in the Emperor's side as of late, Kell and his wingman, both piloting TIE defenders, came across a heavily damaged Nebulon-B frigate flying Rebel colors: the Elegy. While it was a Rebel ship, it didn't match the specs of the Reckoning. The vessel also had no shields, its weapon systems were inoperative, and it was leaking atmosphere from multiple hull breaches. The captain of the Elegy begged the Imperial pilots for mercy, and explained the Elegy was ferrying a large number of injured civilians and refugees that weren't even part of the Rebellion. Kell's wingman was eager to turn the Elegy into space dust, but Kell himself saw no honor in the kill. The ship, allegiance be damned, was not worthy prey. Kell had signed up due to the heroics his uncle had told him, to the stories in the holos he watched as a kid, to defend the Empire, and to test himself against skilled adversaries. He did not sign up to vaporize wounded civilians in a ship that could barely fly. Kell had taken many lives throughout his career, but they had all been through fair combat. Sometimes the odds were stacked against him, and he found those to be much more enjoyable. He remembered his friend James Cross and the incident with the bullies, and knew what he had to do. Kell transmitted an encrypted message to the Elegy, and ordered his wingman to stand down. His wingman refused the order and brought his TIE defender into an attack vector towards the maimed frigate. Kell fired a warning shot that bounced harmlessly off the rear deflectors of his wingman's craft.

"TRAITOR!" snarled Kell's enraged wingman as he punched his throttle and did a 180 degree turn to bring his guns to bear against Kell.

Kell now had clarity and purpose. The ensuing battle was fierce, no quarter asked nor given, but Kell managed to emerge victorious, albeit with a heavily damaged ship. The captain of the Elegy thanked him profusely and told him he should seek out the Rebellion. Kell escorted the Elegy to its hyperspace point and, before departing, the captain of the Elegy asked for his name. "Dragon," Kell said. After disabling the tracking devices in his TIE defender, Kell set a course for Arris, a remote jungle planet, hoping his craft wouldn't come apart during the trip. Upon arrival, he did a reconnaissance flight in search for settlements, and for a cave large enough to hide his ship in. After changing out of his Imperial uniform, he unloaded as many supplies as he could carry, and set the vessel to self-destruct if anyone tampered with it. He knew he'd probably never see his ship again, but he didn't want to destroy it outright. It could come in handy later, after a good repair session that is. Kell set out towards Bekker, a small settlement in the North that was close to his current location. He began to use the name Latis to avoid attracting unwanted attention, and spent a few years in Bekker doing metal repair work and crafting toy metal starships for the kids. It was a simple life, one that demanded he kept his Order tattoo covered at all times. No one could know where he had come from.

Unfortunately, war has the habit of catching up with the warrior. When Rebel soldiers showed up, Kell knew it was time. The Rebels were looking for pilots and volunteers for their cause. Kell approached the commander and nodded.

"I'd like to join," Kell said. "As a pilot."

"Have you flown before?" the commander asked.

Kell smiled. "Oh yeah."

"Huh, we'll see about that. What's your name . . . pilot?"

"You can call me Dragon."




Platinum Supernova









1st Lieutenant Josh "Hellcat" Kinney

Sabre 11 - Mayhem 3

Squadron Citation Ribbon Renegade Wind Defense Ribbon with Dual Cluster  Elite Service Ribbon with Platinum Pip Order of the JediTop Gun Participation Ribbon - Silver Device AiTOD Campaign Ribbon

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Support & Insertion.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Code Slicer
Combat Specialty Sniper
Side Arm Blastech BF-Sniper Rifle
Favorite Beverage Screwdriver
Physical Description Human male, 18 standard, 1.9m, 102kg, blond hair, hazel eyes


Josh "Hellcat" Kinney was born and raised on the Correllian Transport Merciful where he spent most of his childhood life running cargo missions with his parents, but never knew what exactly they were shipping in some cases. Having lived most of his life on board a cargo ship he never really got the chance to make friends and therefore was, and still is in a way, shy to most people he encountered when he and his parents took down-planet time to relax. While on relief time, his father would take Josh out in forested areas of the planets they stayed at to hunt and hone on target practice, which would benefit for him in his later years. Soon developing into a crack shot artist with his father's blastech pistol, Josh wanted to take his precision weaponry training to a starfighter cockpit but instead had to settle for the gun turrets of the Merciful.

Having heard his son's pleas to pilot a starfighter, his father got in touch with an old friend of his who was a starfighter captain stationed on board an Alliance space platform, who generously allowed Hellcat's father to borrow his fighter when they landed to refuel and resupply the Merciful. After a brief explanation on controls within the cockpit of the Z-95, Hellcat was soon in space twisting, turning, looping, and rolling all over the place enjoying the time of his life as his father looked on noticing his son's skills within the cockpit of a starfighter. Finally landing on board the station, Hellcat thanked his fathers friend for allowing him to fulfill his dream to pilot a fighter and with that out of the way the Merciful took off to complete it's cargo run.

To make a long story short, Hellcat, now 18, was on a cargo run with his parents to an outpost on the galactic rim when they were pulled out of space by an indictor cruiser. Having been told to take the evacuation shuttle, Hellcat left the Merciful only to witness it soon being destroyed after his parents turned to attack it. Soon the Alliance Calamari Cruiser Torgo dropped out of hyperspace to finish off the interdictor. When the battle was over Hellcat requested to join the Alliance as a pilot and was placed into Phoenix squadron on board the Cruiser Windstorm.

While on patrol one day, however, Phoenix squadron along with two other squads and their mothership Windstorm, were ambushed by 3 Star Destroyers and an Interdictor Cruiser. Heavily outnumbered and outgunned the pilots of the Windstorm fought with courage and luck destroying numerous enemy fighters and heavily damaging one of the Star Destroyers, but the sheer numbers of the Imps caught up to the Rebel pilots as one by one they were overwhelmed. With things starting to look bad on the Rebel pilots and the Windstorm itself, as it was taking fire from all sides, relief support showed up with the arrival of the Calamari Cruiser Jackrabbit and Frigate Evesdropper dropping out of hyperspace. The odds were about even once again, as the Imps started taking there loses. The battle soon ended leaving the Empire with 1 less Star Destroyer, the other 2 damaged and an Interdictor Cruiser damaged as well. Many of the Imperial pilots were floating in space or flying around in non-hyperdrive ships until they agreed to surrender to the Alliance. The battle, though a success, took it's toll on Phoenix squadron and her sister squads as most were either destroyed or badly injured while the Windstorm hypered to a repair depot in the next system. Josh "Hellcat" Kinney landed on board the Evesdropper and kept to himself for awhile, looking over the battle in his mind. After a long conclusion Hellcat decided to leave the Windstorm because of so many memories left on board. He knew he'd never be able to go back again because of the times spent with it's crew and dead pilots and therefore sought out on his own in his squadron X-wing seeking a new home with a different squadron.

Order of The Jedi

AiTOD Campaign Medal