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Below are Tales, long and short, by past and present members of Renegade Wing. Most of these were written during 'The Golden Age'(95-99) and on into the 'Tin Age'(99-02) and wound down in the 'Age of Lead'(02-20) but now we have the 'Age of Resurgence'! You can find AoR Tales in The Lounge but make sure you read the Tales below, now referred to as Renegade Wing Lore, to get to know the Wing, and our history.

Join us in the Lounge

Join the members of Rogue, Buccaneer, Corsair, and many other squadrons in The Liberty Lounge for a chat and your favorite beverage! Drop by anytime, you're sure to find someone to chat to but the majority of the group hit the couches around 18:00, or 6pm in people time, US East Coast time. (3pm PST, 11pm GMT). The Liberty Lounge is named in honour of Renegade Wing's former flagship, tragically lost at the Battle of Endor.

Back Room

The back room is a Discord Channel for the private use of the members of the CRS Vigilant.