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Rogue Squadron Selection Requirements

Rogue Squadron is comprised of some of the NewRepublic's most skilled fighter pilots. The list of requirements to be approved for Rogue Squadron is long and difficult and completion does not guarantee an invitation, but once you gain membership you know you are one of the best. The pilots in Rogue Squadron are experienced in, and excel at all areas of space combat, and are dedicated to the restoration of the Republic. They are hand-selected from the best Fighter Command has to offer, not only for their piloting abilities, but also for their special talents, skills, and contributions to the Rebellion, Alliance and continuing support of the New Republic.

Rogue Squadron was designed to be a flexible unit, and therefore has no defined mission statement. This means Rogue Squadron's pilots must be skilled in many mission types; including diplomacy. No mission is too difficult for the pilots of Rogue. Rogue is often sent into situations normally believed to be impossible or suicide missions, and have a reputation for getting the job done. Rogue pilots fly a variety of starfighters depending on mission requirements, but the X-Wing is universally preferred for its versatility and flexibility.

Selection criteria may be met through XvT or SWS but, regardless of the chosen game or track, all must be met without exception for consideration of admission into Rogue Squadron:

Common Requirements:

  • Have previous experience in another squadron.
  • Applicant must have previously demonstrated Rogue ideals.
  • Demonstrate leadership ability
  • Display a firm and exclusive commitment to participate in Renegade Wing activities
  • Conduct an online interview with Rogue Squadron CO and/or XO via Discord. This interview may include a gaming session, be prepared.

Star Wars: Squadrons:

  • Reached a minimum level of 100
  • Have a postive KDR in each of Dogfight, Fleet vs AI and Fleet Battles, plus:

    • A minimum average KDR of 2.25 across PvP modes - Due to the steep learning curve and the unfathomable 'rolling averages' of SWS applicants may find it difficult to pull a low KDR up to requirement. This can be met by the following:

      • Take the Average KDR from your last 25 Dogfights and Fleet Battles.
      • You will be required to submit screen captures of:
        Your Profile at start of averaging with number of DF and FB played,
        Match scores for 25 subsequent DF and FB,
        Your profile at end of averaging showing additional 25 DF and FB added to total.

  • Track 1
    • Achieved Platinum Pilot
    • Attained Valiant rank
  • Track 2
    • Attained Legend (or higher) rank

X-Wing vs Tie Fighter

  • Currently have the rank of Jedimaster
  • Have at least 75 Jedimaster kills in Multiplayer Melees - Rebel or Imperial
  • Rebel side - Complete all stock exercises and combat missions in single player with a result of good or higher
  • Have at least 35 Top Performance ribbons combined from stock XvT or the BoP add-on. These ribbons may be combined Rebel side or Imperial. They may also be combined with single player and multi player. 10 of these ribbons must be from the following missions:
    1. Gunnery Training (Rebel side, single player)
    2. Custom Dogfight (Rebel side, single player)
    3. Rogue Squadron Attacks ISD Dominance (Rebel side, single player)
    4. Defend the Calamari Cruiser Liberty (Rebel side, multi player)
    5. Frigate Duel (Rebel side, single player)
    6. Raid on Giobiniu Platform (Rebel side, single player)
    7. Rebel Capture of Corvette near ISD (Rebel side, single player)
    8. Raid on Rebel Factory Koensayr 42 (Rebel side, single player)
    9. Interdiction of Starfighter Deployment (Rebel side, single player)
    10. Attack on Rebel Convoy near Athega (Rebel side, single player)


  • Currently hold the rank of General.
  • Completed ALL existing Original X-Wing tours published by LucasArts in a stock fighter.
  • Received the Diamond Eyes for outstanding service.
  • Killed the Frigate in TOD1M1 in a stock fighter.
  • Have all four flight badges and complete every historical mission
  • Survived all tours without being killed, captured or modified.
  • Have at least 1500 TIE kills (T/F. T/I, T/B, T/A)
  • Have at least 30 Capital Ship kills (STD, FRG, and CRS)
  • Have a mineracing (XHM3) time of 7:12 or better in a stock fighter

Future Rogues should drop a single personnel file (zipped) in Discord to Rogue Leader (Jalb_k) and Rogue XO (Thanatos). This file should contain the following:

  • Star Wars Squadrons - Screenshots of Achievement, Rank and Career Pages (Match results for 'Last 25 Averages')
  • X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter - XvT and BoP pilot file (located in BoP directory)
  • X-Wing - Pilot file and 'Film Room' file of mineracing run.

Writing the character biography can sometimes be the most difficult aspect of completing the entry requirements to join a squadron. Please read the Vigilant's guide to writing bios for a helpful recommendation of bio dos and don'ts.

Applicants that pass all of the above requirements will be granted an invitation to join Rogue Squadron. No applications will be accepted unless there is an opening in Rogue Squadron